Student Government Elections: Meet your first-year senators

The following students are in the running to fill positions for the first-year senate in Student Government.

Elections will be held Sept. 18. First-year students will be sent voting instructions through RoyalSync.

Sergio Caceres web 3Sergio Caceres is a psychology major and Spanish minor from Inwood, Long Island, New York. He has been running for student government positions since middle school. He enjoys being able to make changes that are positive for all of his fellow peers. Caceres’s biggest job if he does become a first-year senator is to bring his whole grade together and make them a big happy family. People often don’t speak up and share their ideas or state their voices and that is why Caceres is here. He is going to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard no matter what. If you have any ideas he will help you try to make them come true! Caceres will try his hardest to have fun events that will bring us closer. We need events that are fun and that will create fond memories. He thinks the most important thing is for the first-year class to come together as one in unity. Vote Serg if you have the Urge! He promises you won’t regret it!

Isabella Dolente webIsabella Dolente is running for the elected position of first-year senator. She is currently an undecided major in the Panuska College of Professional Studies and is hoping to go into the nursing or exercise science and sport program. Dolente grew up in the small town of Haddon Heights, New Jersey, 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia. She attended St. Rose of Lima grade school and Camden Catholic High School. Being raised in a place where everyone knew your name was an advantage as a young adult, because it kept your confidence level high. That assurance gave Dolente the fuel to be a leader in many situations throughout her elementary and high school years.

          Dolente would like to hold the office of senator because she wants the opportunity to continue her leadership experience here at The University. Going to Catholic school for the past 13 years couldn’t have molded her into a better leader and person. In high school Dolente was involved in many activities, some of which included: varsity field hockey for four years, during which she was captain for two years; participating in the spring musical for four years; being a member of the National Honor Society for two years; and being the baseball manager for four years. During her senior year, Dolente was also blessed to be chosen for the Christian Leadership class, which formatted retreats for students in grades 9-12. Even though this was a leadership position of service mainly based upon hours and hours of preparation molding and planning each specific retreat to benefit others, she felt she was the lucky one to have the opportunity to grow spiritually and morally as well.

         Dolente was brought up to be a leader, not a follower. To make wise decisions but also be comfortable with those she makes. Always being involved in school activities and staying busy showed her how fun and amazing it is to make friends and meet new people, which are exactly her hopes if elected as a senator at The University.

Corrine Weir webCorinne Weir is a business major from Hillsdale, NJ. In high school she was captain of the cross country team. She was also a member of spring and winter track. In addition to sports, Weir was involved with the UNICEF and sign language clubs. During high school she volunteered at a summer camp and at a running clinic for local children.

          Here at The University, Weir has joined the club crew team. She is interested in representing the Class of 2017 because, as the class that is starting in The University’s 125th year, she feels that the Class of 2017 has a special destiny and wants to make sure that the class makes an impact on the school from its very first year. Weir knows how to train hard and she will work just as hard to make sure the Class of 2017 gets all the resources and attention it deserves.

Robert Kennedy webRobert Kennedy is an undeclared business major who is running for first-year student senator. He is from Long Island, New York. Kennedy is running for senate because he believes that he can help be a voice for his grade and make an impact on The University. He is open to any suggestions that anyone has to make this an even better school. Kennedy is planning on joining the ultimate Frisbee team and Habitat for Humanity club. He loves The University and wants to be an integral part of it. Saint Ignatius told us to “go forth and set the world on fire.” Kennedy believes that by being a senator at The University, it would be his way of setting this campus on fire and helping its community.

Ryan BuRyan Burdick webrdick is from Taylor, PA, just outside of Scranton. He is a chemistry major and is involved in the SJLA and pre-law programs. As a local student, Burdick hopes his knowledge of the Scranton area and local businesses will benefit the student senate. As an on-campus resident at Casey Hall, he is readily available. He was a strong leader and representative of his high school, acting as president of the National Honor Society, co-captain of the mock trial team, and a freshman orientation student director. He plans to continue his school involvement at The University through academic clubs, volunteer work, retreats and club/intramural sports. Burdick has also been an active member of the Boy Scouts for over seven years, where his hard work and willingness to serve the community has earned him the rank of Eagle Scout. Through his involvement, he has dedicated his life to living the values of the Boy Scout Law: to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Burdick promises to those who vote for him that they will not be disappointed.

RobRobert Bauer webert A. Bauer Jr. lives in Colts Neck, New Jersey, which is within Monmouth County.  He is currently striving to become a computer engineer, though that could possibly change down the line with everything he is being exposed to here at The University.  Bauer has held various jobs and done community work, including being an independent sales representative of a company and helping special needs children at a grade school.

          Bauer ran for office to be president of the executive board in high school going into his senior year. Unfortunately, he lost by a small margin of votes due to freshman boys voting for his attractive cousin. After looking into The University and what it had to offer, he wanted to become a senator for the Class of 2017 to help others and his class. Bauer has had various experiences in the past working with people of all ages, whether those experiences were for community work, job purposes or even in sports.  He feels that it is such a great feeling to work with others in a friendly environment, to be open to communication, interaction and suggestions and to gain valuable life experiences for the future.

          Bauer was mainly shy as a child, and he never thought that he would run for a position like this. Growing up, his friends and family always told him that he had the personality, nature and work ethic for jobs such as this. Bauer would like to thank them for constantly supporting him to do what he has done, including his desire to take a senator position for the Class of 2017.  They all have told him that he would be a good leader for any kind of special purpose. Bauer feels confident in being in such a position for his class as he hopes to take the reins and help manifest, uphold and lead his class into a wonderful year at The University.

David Bigley webDavid Bigley is from a relatively small town in Connecticut. Being raised in Stratford, everyone grew up knowing each other closely. He was very involved in athletics throughout his adolescence, and has participated in soccer, basketball and snowboarding. He took an interest in science as a child and that is what propelled him to choose the path he is on today. Bigley is currently majoring in biology and is enrolled in the pre-med program at The University.

          Bigley has always found himself in leadership positions, whether they be on the soccer field or as a retreat leader, and he wants to continue that as he transitions into his new college career. He attended a Catholic grade school and a Jesuit high school, and he wants to further his Jesuit education here at The University. Leadership was something that helped Bigley make friends, gain confidence and be looked at as a potential role model. To be a voice for his first-year class would be an amazing way to start and hopefully continue his student government involvement. Bigley feels that getting involved in the campus community is just as important as his academic work, so he believes that this position would be a great fit. Hard work and dedication would be his top priorities if he were elected as a senator.

Anthony Faso webAnthony Faso is a first-year student at The University in pursuit of a master’s degree in occupational therapy. He is from the small town of Walden in Orange County, New York. Faso is a residential student in the FIRE leadership learning community who is eager to become involved in The University through the first-year class council. He was a dean for his senior class council in high school and the battalion S-3 Major for my JROTC battalion his junior and senior year. Faso was also a co-captain for his high school football and lacrosse teams, and he participated in a Youth in Government club throughout high school.

          Faso believes that he is an excellent candidate for the position of first-year senator in The University’s student council. He has been in multiple scenarios where he has had to lead, and he is prepared to do just that at The University as a senator. Faso is respectful, friendly and outgoing, and these traits will help him lead his class as senator. His fellow students will be represented at student council meetings and their opinions and thoughts will be taken into consideration. Faso is fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of student senator, and his is hopeful that he can join The University’s council soon. He would like to thank you for your consideration.

Sean Bassler webSean Bassler would like to serve as one of the first-year senators this year. He is from the Southern Tier area of New York State (Chemung County), and he is a counseling and human services major in the SJLA honors program. Bassler decided to run for a position in student government because he has always enjoyed helping people, and he believes that student senators should do as much as they can to help people by making everyone’s University of Scranton experience as awesome as it can be. He believes that his voice in the student senate will give students the influence they need to make this common goal a reality. Bassler thinks being a student senator is a natural extension of his decision to enroll as a counseling and human services major because his classes in this major prepare him to help people in a wide variety of ways, including training that I would put to use every day on behalf of students, particularly his fellow first-years, if elected as a student senator.

          Bassler chose the three words leadership, passion and transparency as his campaign slogan because he believes that these are the three strongest characteristics that he can contribute as a student government candidate.  His posters detail his years of prior leadership experience in multiple organizations. Bassler hopes to demonstrate his passion for being a student senator in every interaction he has with his fellow students during his campaign and beyond, and if elected he will bring transparency to his role as student senator by making sure that he is easily available to receive and respond to questions, comments and concerns from the first years he hopes to represent. If you are interested in getting to know him better, you can contact him at his university email address: Bassler looks forward to the opportunity to serve you as a student senator.

Chloe Strickland webChloe Strickland is running for student government first-year senator to make a difference on campus. As a native of Scranton, Strickland has come to know the area very well and is looking forward to connecting students with what the city of Scranton has to offer. She is currently residing at Martin Hall and loves living on campus. Although undecided on her major, she is interested in counseling and human services. As class president of her senior class and president of the community outreach program at Scranton High School, Strickland led her fellow classmates effectively by always keeping an open line of communication with her peers. If elected a first-year senator, Strickland will always be listening to concerns from the first-year class in order to make sure their concerns are addressed. Class of 2017 – If you’d like to have a strong voice in your student governance, JUST GO WITH THE FLO AND VOTE FOR CHLO.

Lizzy webLizzy Polishan is an English major with a Philosophy minor from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the SJLA Honors program and an editor of the student literary magazine, Esprit, the Celebrate the Arts Living Learning Community, and she is looking forward to participating in the Scranton Emerging Leaders program. Polishan believes The University is such a great school because the community is so tightly knit, and every student can have some type of voice and say in not only their education, but the various other activities that physically, mentally, spiritually and socially comprise their whole person. In running for senate, Polishan wants to make sure every student in the Class of 2017 has the ability to make their education the best it can possibly be, not just academically, but in everything they do. She wants to contribute to an environment where communication is easy, to make a place that’s fun and safe and to help to make the Class of 2017 the best Scranton has ever seen.

Zachary Tamimi was born in this city: the city of Scranton, yet he was raised in one of its suburbs. Tamimi supposes it would be more accurate for him to say that he hails from the small, yet exceedingly over-privileged and predominantly white-as-John-McCain town of Clarks Summit, situated about five miles from this illustrious little city. Yet because Tamimi originates from a small town doesn’t mean he adheres to narrow views or small-mindedness. If anything, he is more liberal and worldly. Tamimi has not only traveled this country, but he has traveled the globe, reaching as far as China, all since he has been very young. Being exposed to different cultures and different peoples fostered in Tamimi a fascination with the world that eventually set him on a lifelong track to his current major: political science. However this doesn’t mean Tamimi is the most interesting man in the world, and he’ll begin cultivating a suave Hispanic accent and a taste for fine alcohol. Tamimi is a simple man who just wants to help others. In his travels and his readings, he has been exposed to true suffering and helplessness. That’s the reason why Tamimi is a political science major; not to gain power for himself, but to help others, and it is because of this mentality that he wants to assist his fellow students, colleagues, friends, countrymen and Romans.

Charles Scrimalli is a native of Scranton, a commuter and is a biology major. Scrimalli would like to fill this position because he is very interested in politics, and he likes to be involved with anything he does because he likes to know what is going on at all times. Scrimalli likes to have a say in things. Scrimalli plans to do anything to help the school and the community if he is voted into office. Scrimalli woudl make this job his priority, and as a member, he would use his talents for the good of the school.

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