Final ‘Breaking Bad’ season thrills viewers


“Breaking Bad” ended its most recent episode with probably one of the most intense scenes in the series. Granted, every episode ends like that, but this one just went above and beyond.

The first 45 minutes of the episode were actually relatively anti-climactic. Things escalated when Jesse sent Walt an unsavory message.

This episode, titled “To’Hajiilee,” was named after the reservation where the final portion of the episode took place. It picked up exactly where “Rabid Dog” left off, only with Todd on the other side of the phone.

The main premise of the episode centered on both Walt trying to lure Jesse into a location for Todd’s uncle and on Jesse trying to lure Walt into a location for Hank, ending with an intense shootout between both teams. Both strategies to get the enemy’s attention were connected. Two elements, a child and money, were threatened and used as bait.

This season is taking a very drastic turn in terms of who is the protagonist of the show. At the start of the show, executive producer Vince Gilligan said that it would be about Walt’s transformation. Of course, the viewers rooted for him for a while there. Now, however, his moral platform has fallen so far south that he is, without a doubt, the villain of the series. Hank stepped up the plate earlier this season, ready to be the hero, but he got so consumed in getting Walt behind bars that he started to compromise his morality. First, he uses Jesse as bait in “Rabid Dog” and now, he’s staging photos and using them to manipulate Huell.

The symbolism kicked into overdrive toward the end of the episode when the intensity escalated. To state the obvious, Jesse pointed out that they were in the first place they ever cooked methamphetamines. But something more interesting happened during Walt and Jesse’s phone conversation. For the first time in the series, Jesse addressed Walt by his first name. This was revolutionary for the show. All along, Jesse had been addressing Walt as Mr. White, as if he looked up to him. He viewed Walt as being above him. In this episode, he finally outsmarted him. Jesse now sees himself on Walt’s level, if not above Walt.
A few more points to take into consideration:

Hank is, without a doubt, a dead man. During the last few minutes of the episode he called Marie and gave her a very heart-felt “I love you.” If that doesn’t foreshadow death nothing does. As for any other potential plot twist, anything goes at this point.
As for Marie, could she be the potential suicide victim? The creators have absoutely been preparing us for a suicide, there have been subtle comments and symbols of suicide throughout the series, yet no characters ever killed themselves in the five seasons. Also, a few episodes back, she told Walt to kill himself. Perhaps the tables will turn and she will take her own advice. Gilligan is the king of foreshadowing. Perhaps that could be the rhyme and reason for Marie’s obsession with the color purple, as purple is a symbol of death.

Another interesting storyline that may arise is the relationship between Todd and Lydia. This seems complicated, seeing how there are only three episodes left, but subtle scenes, such as Todd rubbing his finger across Lydia’s lipstick mark on her coffee cup, have hinted that he may be a little crazy for Lydia.

So much is yet to unravel in the few episodes left. It is hard to believe it will even work out, but in Gilligan we trust.

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