From The Aquinas Archives: Renovations begin on Jefferson Hall


SEPT. 12, 1984

Departmental expansion is the main cause for the renovations now taking place in Jefferson Hall, said Gary Zampano, coordinator of facilities planning at the University.

Jefferson Hall, which was purchased by the University in 1977, has been undergoing gradual changes each year. Last year the basement was remodeled and laboratories were added for the physical therapy department.

The removal of the second floor lounge and snack bar in Jefferson Hall is one of the major changes being made. Zampano said that studies done by the University showed that there were not very many students who used the lounge.

The military science department, which was previously located in O’Hara Hall and in the basement of the Student Center, has been moved to the second floor of Jefferson Hall replacing the snack bar and lounge.

One of the reasons for this relocation, Zampano said, was that “we needed more space in O’Hara Hall because the nursing department expanded.”

In the past, the lounge served as the location for Crossroads, the student-run coffee house held each Wednesday. This year Crossroads will be held in the Koppelman Lounge on the second floor of the Student Center, said senior Mark Degenhart, the coordinator of Crossroads.

The Security office has been moved to Rock Hall and the Windhover and Esprit offices from the second to the first floor of Jefferson, Hall.

The hall is getting a new look both inside and out, as students may have noticed by the removal of the sidewalk on the Linden Street side.

“Weare putting in Z-bricks and landscaping in front of Loyola and Jefferson,” Zampano explained.

The final result, scheduled for completion in October, should be similar to the sidewalks in front of Farley’s restaurant on Linden Street, he said.

Most of the work being done on the building this year is in the areas which are accessible to all students, Zampano said.
“Next year we plan on doing more work in the dormitory side.”

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