Recalling our first years


It is that time of year again. School is finally back in full swing and summer is already last month’s memory. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that after just four months of being away from campus, not much has changed. Third floor DeNaples still has the same menu, my dorm is still either -3 degrees or as hot as the sauna, and I still have to stay up until 2 a.m. translating my Spanish homework using Google. It is college, and the routine is pretty standard. Yet there is one major difference I have come to notice: the new kids on the block.

Now I am just going to come straight out and say this, but one of my favorite things to do on campus is to sit out on the Dionne Green and people watch. Call me creepy and say what you will, but you would be amazed at the things I have witnessed. Lately, the best entertainment I get is watching the first-year students walk down from their dorms. I can’t help but giggle when a group of 20 kids walk out of GLM to go get burritos together. I can overhear their complaints about how hard their basic math classes are and about how their moms have sent three care packages already. Rough lives.

Right on cue, another group with lanyards around their necks jogs by frantically looking for the Long Center. These poor kids have no idea what is going on. They do not know how to print in the library or about the shortcut to Brennan through the parking garage. They do not know that chicken nuggets are served every Saturday and that there is such a thing as free sushi night. They think Loyola Hall and the Loyola Science Center are the same building. These kids do not even realize that the upperclassmen make fun of them.

I’m guilty of the crime. Just yesterday I shook my head at a girl who tried using her unlimited meal plan across the street. Please, just use your guest swipe and move on.

But in reality, we should not be making fun of these newbies. After all, we were all in their positions once and we all remember what it was like. I remember how grateful I was when that random junior showed me how to get to Fitzpatrick Field, or when my RA forced my floor to eat dinner together. Our first years were learning experiences, new places for us to grow. We found a second home and a second family to go along with it. It is an unforgettable time in our lives. We meet people who will be with us forever, and we find things out about ourselves that we never knew.

Two years ago I could not have dreamed of being this happy at Scranton, and it all started as being that girl with her lanyard. So first-year students, be good and have fun. Live it up because the time flies by. As for everyone else, let’s remember how amazing our first years at school were and let’s make the next years even better.

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