Advertising alumni return to campus


The Advertising Club had its third annual Advertising Day last Saturday and welcomed six recent alumni back to campus to give undergraduate students career advice.

Advertising Day, created by Professor Stacey Smulowitz and the Advertising Club, is aimed to create connections between alumni and undergraduates.

“I thought it was necessary for them to interact with students who recently graduated,” Smulowitz said.

The event included a panel of six alumni. The students were allowed to ask them any questions they had about internships, résumés, interviews, jobs and job etiquette. Students were also allowed to view the portfolios the alumni created in their senior years.

The Twitter hashtag #AdDayUofS was created for the event. Students could tweet a question to the panel if they did not want to ask them in person.

Kuhcoon, Corrine O’ Kane, sales assistant for Clear Channel Media & Entertainment and Samantha Boccolini, assistant broadcast negotiator for Group M.

Torba said the most important component of the event was to inform students of new advancements in the advertising field.

“The industry is transitioning, and it is very important to understand social media is in the forefront of advertising now,” Torba said.

Torba presented the students with pieces of advice about impressing potential employers and advising them to be as marketable as possible.

“It’s important to show you’re multifaceted. Show you’re well-rounded. Go beyond your classes, beyond your coursework,” Torba said.

Boccolini gave the students a warning about their personal social media accounts.

“Think before you share, or at least keep it well hidden. Employers check your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will not get hired if they find something bad,” Boccolini said.

O’Kane told the students to be persistent in their job search post-graduation.

“Be aggressive, nothing is going to be handed to you. Get in there,” O’Kane said.

Jillian Garzon, the secretary of the club, said hearing the alumni helped motivate her.

“People are at times too scared to push themselves. The alumni worked so hard when they were here. It motivated me to push myself more this semester. It’s great to be able to hear their stories and seeing it’s not all awful,” Garzon said.

The event concluded with the panel explaining to the students how important it is to take the ad competition class. All members agreed it is a great real-world experience that cannot be duplicated in any other advertising class. Students were encouraged to ask the alumni any questions they may have in the future and to use the Alumni Society as much as possible.

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