America moves backward


Just days after the recall election in Colorado, which successfully recalled two legislators who provided crucial votes for the recent gun reforms in the state and proved to be a stinging defeat for gun control advocates, 12 more people died Monday as a result of gun violence in this country when gunmen opened fire at the Navy base in Washington, D.C. This provides yet another reminder of the epidemic that faces this country and the consequences that face lawmakers who stand up for common sense legislation.

The irony of the fact that we are removing those from office who are voting to protect lives and instead buoying those who want to keep the status quo (or, in some cases, make it easier for these types of things to continue) is sickening. Even more jarring is the denial of many in Washington and throughout many state capitals that something needs to be done to prevent these senseless killings. And no, Mr. La Pierre, good guys with guns will not stop bad guys with guns, but only serve to create more casualties.

It is unknown whether the mediocre Manchin-Toomey Amendment, which failed to pass a partisan Senate, would have prevented this most recent massacre, but the truth of the matter is that Monday’s tragedy provides this country with yet another example of how, despite some legislative victories following the Sandy Hook massacre, this country is still moving backward on an issue that most of the rest of the Western world has successfully addressed.

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