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Pango Mobile Parking is a new way to pay for parking in Scranton.

Gone are the days of carrying change and worrying about parking tickets.

Senior Rebecca Hextall, a commuter, started using Pango Mobile Parking, a pay-by-phone parking service, in June and said the service is easy and convenient.

“Last year I just parked at the meters, and I always ran into problems. Either I didn’t have the money or I ran out of time on my meter and got a ticket,” Hextall said. “I think I got four or five tickets last year.”
Pango Mobile Parking, which was launched May 28 in Scranton, has had tremendous success in its first three months, CEO Dani Shavit said.

“We marked a nice milestone, which was 10,000 parking sessions in the city, which is great for a city the size of Scranton. We found a great partner in Mayor Chris Doherty. He saw the potential of how Pango could be good for the city and its merchants,” Shavit said. “In fact, Pango increased the revenue within the city by 23 percent within the first three months.”

While the company has had much success within the city, Pango Mobile Parking is looking for ways to reach out to University students, Shavit said.

University students will be offered 10 free hours of parking through the end of October when using Pango Mobile Parking.

Shavit also said that Pango Mobile Parking offers a great opportunity for location based advertising.

“When you start a parking session, you will receive coupons for merchants within your parking zone. If you park near the courthouse, you get a coupon for 10 percent off your lunch at Von Luger’s [Carol Von Luger Steak & Seafood] just because you are parking with Pango. Same with Osaka,” Shavit said.


PANGO MOBILE parking offers drivers a simple way to pay for parking in Scranton. A Pango Mobile Parking representative will be on campus weekly to answer questions.

Another benefit is that users pay for the exact amount of time they are parked in the spot rather than paying in 15-minute increments. There is also a expand feature that allows users to extend the amount of time they are parked in a parking spot through their mobile device.

“Sometimes you don’t have change – sometimes you’re stuck in a meeting. If it’s rainy or snowy and you just don’t want to go outside. We solved that by using a mobile platform, and that’s why people are inclined to pay with Pango, because it’s just easier,” Shavit said.

Users can sign up for Pango Mobile Parking three ways: through the website, by calling 1-877-myPango or by downloading the Pango Mobile Parking app on smartphones.

A Pango Mobile Parking ambassador will be on campus every Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to address any questions about the parking service.

For more information about Pango Mobile Parking, visit

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