University launches online club system


Are you tired of dealing with massive amounts of required paperwork for your club or organization? Or do you wish you had a way to better stay connected with the clubs on campus? Now you can. The University debuted its new online club management system last week – RoyalSync.

Since its release, club leaders called RoyalSync “the Facebook for clubs on campus!” RoyalSync is an online club management tool powered by OrgSync, a company based in Dallas, Texas. Student Government purchased the club management system for clubs and organizations last spring, and the Center for Student Engagement worked with OrgSync over the summer to tailor the system to work for The University’s needs. The best part about RoyalSync – it’s all online and in one place.

RoyalSync allows students to browse through student organizations, service events and other campus programs to find opportunities to match specific interests. Not only does it provide students the ability to check out campus-wide events, but it also allows them to keep up with activities and events pertaining to a single club or organization. Some other highlights include a “to-do list” tab, which makes it easier to manage and organize upcoming club events, as well as a polling feature, which can be used for member surveys or voting purposes within the club.

Business Club President Alexis Ribeiro expressed her enthusiasm for the new site and said it will help club leaders stay organized.

“Future officers should look forward to RoyalSync. I speak for the Business Club specifically when I say we’re excited to finally have an online presence and don’t need to worry about all the endless paperwork that used to be required of us,” she said.

For every organization they join on RoyalSync, students are able to track the history of their involvement in clubs including event participation and meeting attendance. Several more features include following interactions with organizations and departments on campus, staying up-to-date on the latest campus events and monitoring the status of forms, surveys and other club-related information.

“Hopefully students will adapt to RoyalSync. It would benefit them in terms of keeping up with their involvement within the community,” Ribeiro said. “I can imagine it would be hard to miss a beat by doing so.”

RoyalSync was set up with the intention to benefit students even after they graduate. Any participation and learning outcomes achieved as a result of staying involved at The University will be documented based on students’ organization membership and event attendance. While applying for jobs, internships or graduate schools, students’ participation is recorded on their very own e-portfolio. The e-portfolio gives students an official online document from their affiliated institution noting the personal and professional development achieved outside of the classroom.

Any student who logs into RoyalSync by Friday will automatically be entered to win one of two $75 gift cards to Amazon. Students can find the RoyalSync feature in the form of an icon on their my.scranton homepage next to the Angel icon. A practical and easy-to-use resource, RoyalSync is a great way to stay connected and well-informed, so get started today.

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