Club council kicks off year with pizza, makes big plans for school year


The fall’s first Club Council meeting kicked off with a surprise special guest Thursday, Sept. 19. Before getting down to business, the coordinator for clubs, organizations and Student Government, Tricia Cummings, introduced Michael Dennin, owner of the trendy pizza spot Something Cheesy, to announce a joint fundraising opportunity for club leaders.
Something Cheesy is located in Ice Box Plaza in Scranton, which is around the corner from Scranton High School. Dennin expressed his interests to club leaders about getting involved with The University. Clubs and organizations that decide to work with Something Cheesy will get a 20 percent kickback for fundraising through Ice Box Plaza.
“It’s important to Something Cheesy to stay involved within the community,” Dennin said. “It would help us because we get a chance to broaden our age demographic by opening up to The University, and it would help the students to raise money for their club or organization.”
After Dennin left the stage, students listened to announcements from Student Government officers. President Donald Castellucci spoke first, highlighting the importance of club and organization transparency. Castellucci encouraged club leaders to communicate with Student Government and spread their club news through SG’s social media outlets.
Vice President Christian Burne encouraged club leaders to plan their own “125 event” to celebrate The University’s 125th anniversary. Burne advised club leaders to create their event through RoyalSync. He stressed the importance for clubs and organizations to represent and participate in The University’s tradition – Pride, Passion, Promise.
Cummings and the Student Government director of technology, Matt Tarantino, took over for Burne to review new travel and table sit submission requirements on RoyalSync. Student Government Treasurer Kevin Prendergast addressed club budgets and introduced the budget system to club leaders in their club portals on RoyalSync as well. Prendergast highlighted a new luxury for club leaders. Leaders can now check their budget in real-time with constant access on RoyalSync.

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