New video game has just enough violence


“Grand Theft Auto V,” which is very cleverly nicknamed “GTA V,” made its debut Sept. 17. The game is being advertised as an extremely realistic depiction of reality: this game is no joke. Developers have spent hundreds of hours trying to decide exactly how detailed to make the virtual traffic jams that can ensue during gameplay. Let us not forget how much time they spent mastering the customization of cars.
“I made my own car. I was so excited about it that I decided to drive it off of a ramp into the spinning blades of the helicopter” says local gamer James Gillespie who, after all of the excitement of the realistic gameplay, was so excited about it he bought more copies of the game. “The map is huge, bigger than any I’ve ever seen! You can have a submarine!”
You read it correctly, you can ride a personal submarine across the massive map that is Los Angeles. It is not only the map that blows gamers away, but also the combination of everything else, especially the new social dialogue put in the game which explicitly avoids any sense of racism or social degradation, that really puts this game on the map.
“In no other game have I ever seen such an intricate development of characterization and social interactions,” Gillespie said. “In one instant, you can be casually driving your new car in the street and before you realize it you’re throwing grenades into the center of traffic.”
And, because of the new destructible environment of “GTA V,” this just adds another dynamic to this deeply layered game.
Do not be concerned about getting too bored while playing. If you get bored of driving an ambulance over pedestrians or endlessly kicking CGI-animated characters who, because of the extensive game dynamics, appear to be in agonizing pain, you can always play another game within this game (metagaming, if you will). It can be tiring, all of the tedious acts your deeply developed character performs without experiencing any form of fatigue. You can even unload with a game of golf! That is right. This game goes further than any game before it — feel free to take a load off and experience a real CGI-animated game of golf. Golf is not your thing? Try tennis. All of this is just to let you know that if you get bored of the video game, you can feel free to play another video game without having to leave the initial video game.
Your game character may be quite the player. You can develop deep families and romantic relationships with hundreds of fictional women, which makes the whole gaming experience all the more real.
“I had a lot of money from all of the random people I killed. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I got some tattoos, bought some drugs and decided to invest the rest of my money into some stock,” Gillespie said, with newfound aspirations to be a stockbroker. “The gameplay is remarkable. The storyline is deep. It feels like I’m really living the character’s life,” he said as he repeatedly ran over a Los Angeles man with his stolen minivan.

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