President Donald Castellucci & Vice President Christian Burne

Welcome to the first edition of the 2013-2014 Senate Governance. In years past, Student Government has published a collection of articles and Senate information to inform all of you, the students. We were elected to serve you and as such, Student Government believes it is essential to keep you informed about the happenings, hot topics, and issues here at The University.
Throughout the school year, Student Government will publish The Governance monthly. We would like to thank The Aquinas for allowing us the space to publish this newsletter. The Governance will be composed of an update from the president and vice president, an introduction to a standing committee, feedback from constituents and information about upcoming events.
We cannot believe fall break has already come and gone. Student Government has been hard at work advocating for the student body. Some of the issues we have been discussing pertain to academics, student life and dining, and school spirit.
So far, the Senate has conducted five Student Government meetings. The Senate passed three club charters, two resolutions, and the Clubs and Organizations Budget for the 2013-2014 year.
Also of interest, the Senate held discussion regarding campus laundry services and the campus smoking policy. To aid in these discussions, the Student Government is asking for your help. Senator Gleaves and Senator Jencarelli have compiled a survey regarding laundry. Senator Kilner and Senator Liuzzo have compiled a survey regarding the smoking policy. These surveys have been emailed to all undergraduate students and can also be found on Student Government’s RoyalSync page. We are eager to hear your feedback and look forward to continuing the discussion of these topics in the near future.
Our signature event for the year, Midnight Madness, happened last night. The music, performances and the athletic teams all added great value to the event. A huge thank you to Senator Coco and the Ignatian Awareness Committee for planning such a wonderful event to show our school spirit.
As you may know, the Wolf Pack, The University’s Student Section, was founded as a Student Government initiative in 2011. Since its inception, the Wolf Pack has gained support across campus. President Castellucci, along with senators Coco and Gonzalez, formed a Wolf Pack subcommittee composed of both senators and students. The goal is to continue to take strides forward with school spirit and attendance at sporting events. Our long-term goal is to see the Fitzpatrick Field bleachers packed at every sporting event and the Long Center jammin’ at every basketball game, especially against Catholic.
Student Government is the leading form of governance for the entire student body. We are always looking for ways to improve the lives of students here at The University. We are open to your ideas and thoughts about how we can work to improve our school. Please stop by our office in the DeNaples Center Forum 205R, or email us at to voice your opinion. We look forward to hearing from you!


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