Texan gun owners take up arms at Alamo


Perhaps the greatest American idea ever to be thought of was born Saturday. In San Antonio, Texas, men, women and children all gathered at the Alamo to spark one of the most dangerous gatherings one can think of.
What gathering is this? None other than a gathering of testosterone-driven men with their giant rifles, shotguns and general assault weapons, bringing their wives and children to protest against the San Antonio police department. One cannot possibly think of a better idea than bringing children to a rally with 300-400 very angry men all carrying deadly weapons. But do not worry — children are safe because gun accidents never happen, right?
The bigger issue is why this rally is happening in the first place. Two months prior to the rally, several men carrying their guns in public were threatened with arrest. And where? A Starbucks.
“I can’t think of a better place to stroll in with my gun over my shoulder than the local Starbucks café,” gun advocate James Gillespie said. “This arrest goes against the Texas right to carry my firearm in public so long as it isn’t menacing. I even joked around with the barista by pointing my gun toward the counter, but I told the barista as I giggled, ‘I’m not being menacing!’ so I didn’t break the law.”
However, in San Antonio a local ordinance forbids all but police officers and security guards from openly carrying firearms.
Men literally up in arms rallied at the Alamo to show off their great rifles and slick manliness as they stood up to the police ordinance. Without even showing a slight amount of respect toward the Alamo, the men continued the rally at a place where events of this nature were not to be staged out of respect for the place of Texas independence. But nothing gets in the way of hormone-driven men waving their guns “like they just don’t care.” They showed everyone this gun ordinance should be changed.
However, they did not do themselves a favor by performing perhaps the least intelligent act in recent history. Let us not forget how these men and women brought their children with them to a place where 2.5 million tourists visit per year, bringing their guns with them to show the city of San Antonio who is boss. Let us not concern ourselves with the fact that one of these guns might misfire and cause a huge chain of events with, I do not know, the other 400 men with guns?
Why not signs? Is not a normal rally one with signs stating their opinions to get the message across without risking the injury or death of some men, women and children? Thankfully po lice were present and the event unfolded peacefully.
There was no better feeling for these gun advocates than to stick their barrels right in the face of police officers and walk away proud and unharmed. The event ended and, man, did they ever get their message across — risking the lives of innocent men and women just for your right to walk with your gun in public. I mean, really, what is even the pragmatic purpose of carrying your gun around town?
In the end, everything ended peacefully. And, frankly, that is all that truly matters. Perhaps this idea would spark the interest of supporters of nuclear warfare to bring their nuclear bombs to the center of town to get support. Oh, but do not worry — accidents never happen.