Time capsule found inside Leahy Hall


A time capsule filled with the history of Scranton women that shed light a local women’s group was opened Oct. 9 by maintenance staff members
The contents of the time capsule include newspaper clippings, pamphlets and photos of the local chapter of the Young Women’s Christian Association.
University history professor Josephine Dunn, Ph.D., warned the demolition team of the time capsule hidden below the building when began construction. Dunn, a history professor at The University, learned of the time capsule from a 1907 Scranton Tribune article.
YWCA had the building built in 1907. It was later passed on the The University.
The documents found in the time capsule will aid Dunn in her research on the group, which she has been studying for the past seven years.
Special collections librarian Michael Knies said the documents give insight into local women’s social history that did not exist before.
“The documents that were in the time capsule provide a window into women’s history and social history in Scranton during that decade that unfortunately doesn’t really exist in this kind of detail elsewhere when they merged with the Y [YMCA],” Knies said. “Unfortunately, the documents were not well kept.”
Dunn could not be reached for comment.

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