Apple continues innovative ideas with new iPad Air


Although Microsoft has held such a dominant presence in the software and technology industry, business may begin to slow down for the company as Apple is stepping in. With Apple launching its new series of iPads in November, Microsoft can possibly take a serious hit on revenue because of Apple’s new offers. Apple has announced that it will be offering free applications along with the iPad known as “iWork,” which will feature similar characteristics to Microsoft products that it distributes at a hefty price. This new and creative series on the iPad will be free of cost and will come preinstalled on the tablet device.
Microsoft still continues to offer several applications that can be purchased in a bundle or package at a price that not too many individuals are comfortable with. In a declining economy, Apple has smartened up and decided to include expensive applications inside the product instead of offering them only as an add-on. Not only will this decision prove to be much more efficient for the consumer, but it will allow the buyer to save, especially with the holiday season approaching.
Apple is releasing its new and updated style of iPads featuring the iPad Air and the improved iPad Mini. The iPad Air is Apple’s newest product and carries a price of $500. It includes renovated features never before seen on the iPad tablet. This product features a higher resolution, lighter weight and slimmer design that proves to own up to its intended sleeker image. The Air has been equipped with breakthrough Apple technology. Two chips (A7, M7) are fastened inside the tablet, creating a faster processor and a quicker Internet connection. The installation of the quicker processor will allow the Air to provide a better multitasking system. This is critical for a device that is capable and designed to run multiple applications all at once.
Apple is continuing to prosper in the technology industry even with serious competitors directly underneath it. Apple’s constant improvements are spelling trouble for Microsoft as tablets are drastically taking over the PC market. Microsoft must bounce back with a more creative solution in order to remain a dynamic force at the top of the tech industry.

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