Smartwatch market will face numerous difficulties


Technology plays an integral part in the everyday workings of society. The benefits of having a limitless amount of information at your fingertips through the use of a smartphone or tablet are infinite. But what if you could wear that same convenience on your wrist? What if your watch became much more than a time-telling device? This is exactly what companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung are trying to accomplish.
The idea is to make use of a simple accessory, such as a watch, that so many consumers already have an interest in, and sync it to be used with all other electronic devices and services used by those same consumers. Email, weather and a wide variety of other apps would be readily available at the touch of a button, all on your wrist. Some companies are focusing on developing a product that would be much like an accessory to your smartphone while others are taking the approach of differentiation.
One such company that seeks to make its product different from its competitors is Google. It is banking on its ability to produce a smartwatch that is not an accessory for your phone, but rather a stand-alone device with a “unique utility in its own right,” according to
Although the idea of a smartwatch might seem like a good idea in theory, the market for these products faces certain difficulties. Watches are considered by many to be a fashion accessory. While many consumers do not take issue with having the same phone as others (for example, the multitudes of consumers that have iPhones), many see a watch as a product that should have a personal touch to it. Unless the producers of these watches can find a way to offer variation among their products, they may have a hard time selling a large amount of the same product. The object for these companies is to find the right spot between “form, function and price,” according to for their new products. Once they do, they will most likely be able to find a viable market for the watches.

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