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Residence life converts Hafey Hall into haunted house to raise money for International Service Program


The University’s service-orientated learning was very noticeable throughout the community over the past weekend, especially in Haunted Hafey, a haunted house in Hafey Hall.
Residence Life was vital in hosting Haunted Hafey on both Friday and Saturday nights. The event was planned to provide a fun time for the University Community, but it also benefited the International Service Program.
Area Coordinator Callie Rimpfel spearheaded the project, with a team of Resident Assistants and various students working behind her to help facilitate the event. Important to all involved was the aspect of being men and women for others – hence the contribution of all proceeds to the International Service Program
“I think the event went very well, it was very successful. We raised $420 for the International Service Program, and we had over 140 people go through [the hall] along with the fifty or so people that participated in it, so it brought a lot of the community together in one weekend,” Rimpfel said.
Hafey Hall is closed this year in order to facilitate a greater community atmosphere in the other buildings, by not spreading out the smaller first-year class throughout the traditional 13 first-year residence halls.
Over the years, there have been various haunted houses throughout the University, but this is the first time that Hafey Hall has been utilized as the grounds for such an event.
“Historically, we have had a haunted house in some way or another over the past couple of years. It used to be ‘Boo in the Zoo’ at Nay Aug Park. My first year here, we did [a haunted house] in Cambria House, and before that we used an abandoned house on University property. We utilized any space we could. Last year we were unable to do it, so utilizing Hafey this year worked out well. It was a recreation of something we have been doing for a while, and it was a terrific way to get people involved. We had living and learning communities, as well as RA’s come in to make rooms,” Rimpfel said.
The event was planned primarily by the RAs of Gavigan and Reddington Halls, with a large number of students coming in to participate in making the rooms and decorating the halls. Various on-campus organizations and donors helped contribute to the events success, as well.
“We utilized Late Night funds through CHEW, and we had support through Dean McShea, who sponsored a $100 card to Dominos for the best room. Residence Life helped sponsor it as well, and Maintenance helped us utilize the space and keep it safe. Public Safety lent a hand with safety, as well,” Rimpfel said.

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