New Action Bronson mixtape pleases fans


Queens rapper Action Bronson proved why he is one of the best upcoming rappers with his new mixtape, “Blue Chips 2.”
Bronson, the 29-year-old chef-turned-rapper, exploded onto the rap scene in 2012. He appeared in the upcoming rappers list in “Rolling Stone” alongside Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and others. That was after his mixtape “Blue Chips” came out earlier that year.
“Blue Chips” had in it what all rap that is played on the radio today does not – a story. While popular rappers like Drake and 2 Chainz rap about having all the money and fame in the world, Bronson shares personal stories of his life, and his struggle to become a great rapper.
Bronson’s mixtapes are similar to Nas’ “Illmatic” or more recently Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city,” both of which are like lyrical diaries chronicling the lives of someone chasing a dream. Along with Bronson’s powerful lyrics, the beats featured on the mixtape, done by producer Party Supplies, are catchy even to someone who loathes rap.
“Blue Chips 2” is refreshing for Bronson fans who were not too crazy about his last mixtape “Rare Chandeliers.” Bronson lost some of his originality in that tape by trying to commercialize some of the songs. He slowed his tempo down and went for more one-liners that make rappers today so popular.
Thankfully, Bronson picks up the pace in “Blue Chips 2.” The style Bronson uses should remind listeners of the golden age of rap when lyrics resembled poetry more than they did auto-tune.
If you are tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio, check out Action Bronson’s “Blue Chips 2,” available for free by download.

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