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Electronic pop band EmberFx is rising to the top with the release of its second album, “Lights and Action.” The two singles, “What aren’t we going to do?” and “Good Holiday,” are generating buzz among pop music lovers.
EmberFx, which is based out of Los Angeles, combines elements of pop, electronic and techno music. EmberFx founder and frontman Michael Berns said the band’s music could be considered alternative as well.
“‘Alterna-pop’ is what I like to call it,” Berns said.
Berns was heavily influenced by bands like MGMT, Postal Service, Depeche Mode and Coldplay at the start of the band. He said he was attracted to electronic music because he wanted to do something different.
“It offers an endless number of sounds,” Berns said. “There’s endless possibilities.”
Berns originally started EmberFx as a solo project and released “Across the Land,” the band’s debut album. However, with the release of “Lights and Action,” Berns departed from this structure into a more collaborative one.
Berns said that unlike the first album, all the songs on “Lights and Action” are collaborative works.
“Bryan Velasco, our keyboard player, co-wrote every song on the album,” Berns said.
EmberFx was also assisted on the album by Grammy Award-winning engineers Jack Puig (Lady Gaga, Owl City) and Joe Zook (Katy Perry, One Republic).
Berns also said that “Lights and Action” was a departure from the band’s previous sound.
“Our first album had a darker sound, but this one is a lot poppier,” Berns said.
The album, which was released Aug. 20 via Lasky Records, has been getting a lot of exposure on college radio stations. Berns attributed this to the album’s pop sound and its themes.
“Thematically, there’s a lot of escapism,” Berns said. “It’s a lot about going somewhere different or exciting.”
This theme can be seen in the song “Good Holiday” especially, and it is one that is easy to relate to for many college students. Berns said that this connection with listeners is important to him as a musician.
“I’ve always wanted to connect with people through music,” Berns said. “It’s always been on my mind since I was a little kid.”
Berns and the rest of EmberFx have splashed onto the scene. “Lights and Action” has been conquering college airways across the nation and is now available via iTunes and all major digital retailers.

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