Marketing society keeps busy


The University’s Marketing Society is geared toward helping students further their studies outside the classroom. The club incorporates what the members want to discuss with what will help them in their futures each meeting.
Student members like Junior Matthew Bowman said they find club beneficial.
“I can relate to each club meeting. I am not just sitting there while someone is telling me what I should do, I am actually getting a hands-on experience,” Bowman said.
Aside from community service and a networking trip to New York City, the Marketing Society meets every two to three weeks. Each meeting is based on a topic related to the marketing profession. The meetings usually feature a guest speaker related to the topic. The club’s last meeting was a resume-building workshop in which career services gave a presentation and reviewed each member’s resume.
Students liked the help they received at the meeting.
“Having career services help me with my resume during the meeting was a huge help since I am starting to look for summer internships,” junior Elizabeth DeLuca said.
The club’s follow-up meeting, which will be held in two weeks, will show members how to obtain an internship and will match each member with an alumnus who works at the company he or she is interested in.
The Marketing Society is open to anyone who is interested in learning and exploring the various aspects of marketing and the business world. The club currently has members of all majors and all grades.
Students are never too young to get involved and there are various benefits of joining for younger students. The Marketing Society shows underclassmen how to find internships that are appropriate for them, how to meet alumni who can mentor them throughout their time at The University, discover exactly what careers they want to pursue, and everything else that the Kania School of Management has to offer. It can be hard for underclassmen to feel like they are involved as members in a club, but the Marketing Society incorporates the under and the upperclassmen.
First-year student Megan Olsakowski has enjoyed the club.
“The club fair was so overwhelming back in September, I was unsure of what clubs to join. I am glad I found the Marketing Society. It has shown me how to become involved here and to really get the most out of my four years in the Kania School of Management,” Olsakowski said.

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