Showdown between PS4, Xbox One set to begin Friday


As the release dates come closer, the much-anticipated wait for Sony Corporation’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One is coming to an end. Sony is prepared to release its new gaming console on Friday at a price of $399, dropping in the United States a week prior to the Xbox One hitting the shelves. A second release Nov. 29 will allow the system to enter Europe, reaching a total of 32 countries for the holidays.
This time around, Sony has taken the proper precautions to ensure all consumers will have a chance to get their hands on the PS4, as this was not the case in 2006 when it released the PS3. That release undermined the popularity of its product and created chaos both inside and outside of stores with consumers demanding the opportunity to buy a console. Retailers attempted several different methods, from forming lines outside the closed stores hours before the release date to handing out raffle tickets, to provide all consumers with an equal chance to obtain the PS3 but not all proved to be successful. Sony is much more prepared in 2013, as it has taken the steps to arrange for a smooth supply of inventory, avoiding the hassle of needing last minute parts and shipments.
Microsoft, which will release its new Xbox One at a price of $499, is already at a major disadvantage in price and release date as Sony possesses the “early-mover advantage.” Unfortunately, Microsoft had to reduce its expected export of the Xbox One from 21 targeted countries down to just 13.
Overall, both gaming consoles endow similar characteristics pertaining to entertainment options. Sony and Microsoft have both equipped their systems with online features that grant access to numerous movies and TV shows, making the product living room friendly by not only appealing to gamers. These systems are much more family-oriented, expanding the horizon to consumers of all interests, not just those who are interested in gaming.
Sony may appear to have a clear advantage over Microsoft’s product, but analysts must take into consideration the variable of returning customers. Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in 2005, which captured not only millions of dollars in revenue, but also became the favorite over the later PS3. Consumers of the Xbox 360 were extremely satisfied with the product, making it interesting to see how many consumers will update their Microsoft systems or transfer to Sony’s PS4. The bar has been set high for both systems, making consumers wonder if Sony will be able to backup its statement that three million units will be sold by year’s end.

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