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Several University students will be leaving Scranton for the Big Apple Saturday. USPB is organizing the trip and has sold tickets for the Broadway play, “First Date.”
Meghan Chambers, also a co-chair of travel and recreation, said that she believes it will be a very successful trip.
“It’s been one of the most popular trips done in previous years,” Chambers said.
Carlos Osorios-Rios, co-chair of travel and recreation, said that he is excited about watching the play.
“We’re watching a play called ‘First Date,’ which is about a blind date,” Osorios-Rios said. “Somehow the actors share their internal feelings as the date is going on.”
Chambers said that she thinks this a great opportunity for students to visit the city for a low price.
“Being able to see Broadway for only $25 is a great opportunity,” Chambers said. “It gives students a chance to be in the city around the best time of the year.”
Chambers also said that students do not have to see the play if they do not want to. Instead, she said that students can do what they would like to do.
“They can just spend the day in the city for $15 for the bus,” Chambers said.
One person who is doing just that is sophomore Maggie McGlynn. McGlynn said she is getting lunch with friends and family in the city.
“I think it’s one of USPB’s best ideas since I never get to go there,” McGlynn said. “It’s a great way to get off campus.”
Chambers said the play was sold out within an hour and the city trip itself was almost completely sold out the first day.
“We currently have a waiting list for both options,” Chambers said. “People can sign up to be on the waiting list until Friday.”
Chambers said that the bus is leaving Linden Circle at 8 a.m. and will be leaving New York City at 5 p.m. She said that she thinks this is a great opportunity for the typical college student.
“It’s a great way to see a Broadway play for much cheaper, since they are costly and would not be feasible for most students,” Chambers said.

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