Student arrested on campus


The Times-Tribune released an alarming article over intercession detailing the arrest of University sophomore Nicholas Krenitsky. Krenitsky was charged on Jan. 25 for possessing an illegal shotgun after Facebook photos posted by Krenitsky were discovered. The pictures revealed him manufacturing alcohol in Condron Hall, a sophomore residence hall on campus, as well as evidence of a firearm.
He dumped the alcohol down the drain and deposited the firearm into his car parked off-campus, allegedly planning to trade it for an all-terrain vehicle. But University police determined that the firearm was illegal because it had a short barrel and charged Krenitsky with possessing a prohibited offensive weapon.
Thankfully, University police and Residence Life staff caught Krenitsky before anything could happen. Of course, manufacturing alcohol in one’s residence hall, especially in one is underage, is not the smartest idea. But possessing an illegal shotgun is terrifying and puts the entire University community in danger. Even though Krenitsky claimed he planned to trade in the shotgun, had it gotten into the wrong hands or been lost or stolen, University student safety would be placed in severe jeopardy. The University could have very well faced a school shooting, armed robberies or assaults.
The Residence Life staff and University police certainly did their jobs by confronting this hazardous situation head-on. By immediately investigating Krenitsky, they helped keep University students safe, and I know that I personally will sleep better at night knowing that the Residence Life staff and University police are looking out for students’ best interests.
So take a minute to appreciate your Residence Assistants and Community Assistants, who are so dedicated to ensuring that you have a safe and pleasant living experience. Go to them and thank them for their hard work and the care and support they give you every day. Next time you walk past a University police officer, say hello. Ask how he or she is doing. Thank him or her for serving the University community. We often overlook those who work hardest on campus – those who labor in the background, behind the scenes, making sure that we have the best on-campus experience possible.  Acknowledge how much they mean to you, and thank them for their service. Thank them for embodying our most fundamental Jesuit ideal: being men and women for others.

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