Student reflects on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are two ways to celebrate. The holiday can be seen as a fun day to be extra loving with your significant other and to celebrate the joyful love in your life. It could also be a day on which you are extra aware of how single you are. In a dating-obsessed culture, being single on Valentine’s Day seems to be a guarantee of an awful day. With no one to buy you flowers, a card, a teddy bear or chocolate, you are sure to spend the day eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching Nicholas Sparks movies in tears.
Why do we react to the idea of being single like this? We are constantly told by our society that in order to feel happy, loved and accepted, we need to be in a relationship. Being single is a dreadful concept and if you are not in a relationship, you are missing out.
Do not get me wrong, healthy relationships are absolutely beautiful. When you find someone who understands, accepts, supports and loves you, it is an incredible feeling. It makes sense that we would crave such a thing, especially when we live in culture in which we are bombarded by romance movies and lust. However, we should not crave a relationship for the sake of having a relationship. Believe it or not, it is possible to be very happy and content while single.
You deserve someone who is going to fight for you, make you feel wanted and love you no matter what. We crave the love of another person when we really are craving God. We have immeasurable holes in our hearts that only God can fill. As amazing as your current or future significant other may be, they cannot satisfy you. They cannot bring you the peace, love and joy of God. They are not perfect, but God is. Respect yourself and know what you deserve. Satisfy yourself in God and be at peace knowing that your heart is being well taken care of.
Being healthily single is beautiful, too. It allows you  to find yourself, learn to be okay on your own and to depend on yourself. It allows you to give more of yourself in your friendships, service and your passions. Do not be afraid to take time to learn about yourself and find what you want to live for. As Mark Twain said; “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”
So if you are single this Valentine’s Day, do not let it get you down. Buy yourself something nice and enjoy it. College is a time that you will never get back. Do not waste it by being tied down in unhealthy relationships that you settled for. Enjoy living a life that you love without settling for less than you deserve.

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