Valentine’s Day for everyone


Valentine’s Day has become a social media hub for cute couple Instagrams and depressing #foreveralone tweets. The romantic movies and cliché cards have created a set of standards that people are convinced they need to follow. The stereotypical view of the holiday is completely destroying it.
The chocolates, the flowers and the creative dates are great, but they are not what Valentine’s Day is about. You do not need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is for you.
We must broaden our horizons when thinking about this holiday because there are different types of love that deserve to be acknowledged. So this Feb. 14, embrace them all instead of cursing the day out because you “think” you are alone.  Because guess what?
You are not. There are so many people who you love and who love you back. What kind of love it is should not matter.
If you are in a relationship, celebrate how wonderful it is to be connected with someone that special. If you are single, embrace your independence and love how truly awesome you are.  If you have been hurt recently or are feeling bitter about Valentine’s Day this year, be thankful for the lessons you learned from that person who is no longer around.
Feel blessed for the fantastic friends you have who care so much about you. Remind your family members how lucky you are to have them. Appreciate your professors and RAs for helping you when you need it. And love Scranton for providing you with an amazing education, a thoughtful community, great food and life-long friends.
Valentine’s Day should be a beautiful celebration of all the love in your life. It is a time of year for us to recognize all of the important people we know because much too often we forget to show our appreciation for them.   So this Valentine’s Day, embrace all the crazy, amazing love that surrounds you every day and realize how loved you really are.

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