Ezra’s reveal surprises PLL fans


If you have been following this season of Pretty Little Liars, then you know that there has been nothing but craziness occurring. Between each of the Pretty Little Liars, it is hard to keep everything going on straight. Ali has been in and out of this season and we learned that she is using Shana to help her get in contact with Emily, the only one she trusts. Hanna is dealing with her breakup from Kaleb while Spencer has become addicted to drugs again so she could research the truth about A. Aria and Ezra were hiding their relationship once again causing lies to pile upon each other. The biggest concern within the last couple of episodes has been for Spencer, Hanna and Emily to prove their theory to Aria that Ezra is A.

Earlier this season the viewer’s got a glimpse of how Ezra has been keeping an eye on the Pretty Little Liars’s every move. It showed him sitting in the basement of his secret cabin with a setup of multiple computer screens.  In Tuesday night’s episode, Free Fall, Aria decided to look into the accusations her friends reported to her about Ezra, by going to the cabin to look for some answers. Aria discovered the door to the basement  and when she went downstairs, the room no longer contained the liar with the equipment that the viewers had seen previously in the season.  After coming back upstairs Aria discovered papers containing what seemed to be the story behind Alison’s disappearance and then heard Ezra pull into the driveway. As she was escaping from the cabin into the woods, Ezra was close behind, and knew she was the one there, because she had left her car keys on the table. While hiding in the woods she noticed the ski lift sign and realized it was still running, so she made the decision to go up the mountain and hide. She took a seat on the chair but Ezra was too quick and sat down next to her before the lift took off.

This left the two of them alone on the lift which then experienced mechanical difficulty, giving Aria the chance to confront Ezra about the papers containing Ali’s name. Ezra explained how he knew Ali before she went missing because he met her in college and once she went missing he decided to write a story on her, letting Aria discover he knew who she was before they even met.

Ezra claimed that everything he had done was to get information on Ali but ended up with true feelings for her. While Aria was at the cabin, the other three were at the zoo trying to drop off Ali’s money and hoping Ezra would show up instead to help them get more evidence on their theory. As the episode came to an end, Spencer’s mother and Toby discovered her drug addiction and Aria was left to gather her thoughts from the events that occurred at the cabin. This leaves us wondering what is in store for next week and if Ezra is truly A.

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