Flu season in Scranton


It is flu season here at The University, and no one is safe.

There is no avoiding the chance of catching the virus. Germs are everywhere students are. Classrooms, dorms, the library and the gym are currently breeding grounds for the flu.

Many probably have friends or roommates who are already starting to feel the symptoms. So before you start getting too sick to get out of bed, head to campus and get a few things to prepare:

Tissues: It always seems like one of the first symptoms people get are the sniffles. You hear them all around you. Yes, it is extremely annoying to listen to. But imagine if people had tissues stashed in their backpacks that they could give to the suffering person.

Liquids: Drink as much as you can. Water, Gatorade and ginger ale should be your best friends for the early days of the flu. Stay away from caffeine, which will dehydrate you. The flu will already make you dehydrated, so replenishing liquids should become your priority.

Crackers: You may start to lose your appetite when you begin to get sick. Even worse, you might not be able to hold anything you eat down. Saltines are light enough to hold down, and they will keep your stomach full.

Soup: It does not beat homemade soup, but have some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. According to a study published in the journal “Chest,” chicken soup has proven to be helpful for flu symptoms. Plus, it will be nice to have something other than Saltines.

Cough Drops: Your throat may start to hurt, and your sinuses might become clogged. Cough drops and throat lozenges help sooth cold and flu symptoms.

Most important, get some rest. The best way to beat the flu is to give your body a break. The life of a student can get stressful and busy, and it does not help that it has been snowing so much. Get into sweats, get under the covers and throw on Netflix. Better to bum out for a few days than be sick for a few weeks.

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