Snowpocalypse takes Scranton


You would have to be living under a well-heated rock to not know that this winter has been a brutal one. This winter, dubbed “the Snowpocalypse” by media outlets, has been a well-documented phenomenon throughout the east coast. Inches upon inches of snow have fallen, numerous cars have crashed and it seems that half of the University population has acquired some sort of illness. The Snowpocalypse has certainly increased the weather channels’ viewership and has caused many to question the validity of global warming. But no matter the issue with the cold weather, what is certain is that people are fed up.

Every morning students check their phones just hoping that today will be warmer than the next. But, to no avail, it seems it is getting colder by the day. Students throw on layers upon layers of clothes, most of them ditching their usual mantra of looking good for the ideal of dressing to be warm. Students must walk to classes with gloves on and hoods up, shielding themselves from the harsh weather and feeling bad for the students who have to venture all the way down to Hyland Hall or McGurrin Hall. Girls lock their arms on the way to The Denaples Center praying silently that they do not fall and embarrass themselves. More students have decided against going to the gym because they simply do not want to leave the cocoon of their rooms.
Although the Snowpocalypse is thought to have a dark cloud over its name, it has had its advantages.

In lieu of the refrigerator, some students have used their window sills as a tool to keep some of their beverages cold. Others have built snowmen and used the many hills of Scranton to sled down. Also, the weekdays of cancelled classes have allowed students to procrastinate on doing their homework and studying. It has given students the opportunity to watch even more Netflix, even though they have already watched basically everything on it. Still, many have been longing for the warm air, or for it to just simply not be so cold anymore.

Thankfully it seems that the future is bright. Spring is on the horizon and the weather is bound to get warmer in the upcoming months. The infamous Snowpocalypse will surely help us all appreciate the warmer weather even more when it finally graces The University with its presence.

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