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The dresses have been taken off, the makeup washed away and the red carpet has been rolled up. Now that the Oscars, which aired Sunday on ABC, are done and over, it is time to rant and rave about the best and worst moments.

Some of the great Oscar moments happened before the show even began. For anyone who obsesses over the Hollywood awards show season like I do, you surely watched the live red carpet segments. One of my favorite parts about these shows is judging the extravagant dresses these actresses wear. The first standout moment of the Oscars red carpet was when Lupita Nyong’o stepped out of her limousine and showed off her light blue Prada gown. She looked just like Cinderella at her first ball, which is ironic because this was Lupita’s first time at the Oscars. The next great moment on the red carpet came from the always entertaining Jennifer Lawrence. Channeling her infamous fall walking up the stairs to accept her very first Oscar the previous year, Jennifer fell waving to fans just after getting out of her vehicle. Being Jennifer Lawrence, she handled the incident as anyone should and laughed it off.

After everyone walked the carpet and sat in their designated seats, the real fun began. Ellen DeGeneres hosted the event and garnered many laughs throughout the night. The one specific moment that stood out was when she took a selfie that included the likes of Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Meryl Streep and many more. This picture was retweeted a staggering 2.6 million times on Twitter and became the most retweeted photo of all time. Another standout moment was when Ellen jokingly suggested that she was going to order pizza for all the starving celebrities in attendance. At least, we all thought it was a joke. Some time later, an actual pizza delivery man arrived and handed out pizza to the attendees.

Another moment that gained huge attention was when Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt presented the award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. The Internet went crazy about the two together and began “shipping” them at once. Shipping is when you root for two people or characters to be together romantically. You are rooting for their relation-ship. I know, it is a little corny, but I did not make it up.

The final big moment of the Oscars was the inevitable, but still heartbreaking, moment when Leonardo Dicaprio did not win an Oscar again. Leo has been working tirelessly his whole life, racking up an impressive list of incredible movies in his time. But not one of his movies has earned him a coveted Academy Award. Many people were really rooting for him to win, myself included. I saw “The Wolf of Wall Street” and was blown away by DiCaprio’s riveting portrayal of a power-hungry stockbroker who acquired great success, only to lose it in the end. I personally thought he deserved the Oscar, but that is not to say Matthew McConaughey did not deserve it either. McConaughey lost a significant amount of weight to play a man dying of AIDS and gave a truly heart-wrenching performance. Both actors deserved the award, but McConaughey came out on top in the end. Leo, better luck next year.

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