Wigging out


Nicki Minaj has gotten herself into one hairy situation. The Bratz doll-turned-rap sensation is being sued for an upward of $30 million for the heinous crime of stealing wig designs. Wig mogul (because apparently that’s a thing) Terrence Davidson has accused the plastic pop star of selling duplicates of his wigs on her website.

Davidson worked with Nicki early in her career, and the two got along like a size six head and a size six pink-and-magenta afro laser wig. The duo’s follicular collaboration began in 2010 when he signed on as Nicki’s hairstylist. Like any skilled hairstylist would, he took one look at Nicki’s hair and said, “Let’s put a rainbow beehive wig on that.” His creations for her included the “Fox Fur Wig,” “Pink Upper-Bun Wig” and of course the “Half Blonde-Half Pink Wig” (not to be confused with the “Half Pink-Half Blonde Wig”).

According to Davidson, Nicki and her agents slowly began to shut him out of the profits made from the wigs. He eventually noticed that Nicki was selling his wig designs on her website without permission, which eventually prompted Davidson to wig out.

The world-renowned wig-ist is calling for unlawful duplication of his self-proclaimed original works of art. He has been called the “Picasso of Wigs,” and I argue that his wigs rival the originality and aesthetic beauty ofThe Mona Lisa. In fact, having The Mona Lisa wear one of Davidson’s masterpiece wigs would enhance its beauty tenfold.

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