Women celebrate their faith at Divinely Designed retreat


The Divinely Designed retreat took place this past weekend. As the retreat focused on the empowerment of women, the retreatants were female.

This is the fifth retreat of this semester, and the third in the past three weeks; the last two were Search and Manresa, respectively.

The number of people on the Divinely Designed retreat resulted in some double-rooms becoming rooms for three.

The community that was built was very friendly and enthusiastic.

Sophomore Christine Molitoris said that she enjoyed meeting people and explained how they structured the retreat.

“We got to know each other, and then broke into smaller groups,” Molitoris said. “In each large group, they have a specific topic they are talking about, and then you can go and talk about it in a smaller group of seven to 10 people.”

Sophomore Marisa Kravatz, who went on the retreat, had extremely high praise for the “sisterhood” she found this past weekend.

“[My favorite part was] 100 percent, absolutely the community,” Kravatz said. “I honestly cannot say enough of how incredible these young women are and I am completely and utterly amazed and inspired by each and every one of them.”

In society, men and women are looked at very differently. Men are expected to be tough and non-emotional. Women are seen as emotional and talkative. Neither gender stereotype is fair.

Whatever gender a person associates him or herself with does not directly correlate to his or her personality.

Divinely Designed centered on women, but its ideas can be attributed to men as well.

“The theme was to embrace who you are,” Kravatz said.

This is an idea that is often heard, but not extremely common in society. Overall, the entire weekend was a success and Molitoris and Kravatz both recommend going on the retreat.

“Women should go on this retreat and it’s an amazing experience that you will never forget,” Molitoris said. “If you have the opportunity to do so, you should.”

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