Candidates eye top 2014-2015 Student Government positions

Weinpel and Rotella
Aris Rotella is a junior political science and history double major from Tafton, Pa. Rotella has been an active, innovative and highly dedicated member of Student Government since his freshmen year. As a three-time senator, Rotella has helped organize Midnight Madness three times over, worked vehemently with Jason Weinpel to block legislation that would result in the misappropriation of money gathered through the Student Activities fee and has represented Student Government as a member of the University Governance Council for his past two terms. Rotella believes that he is well qualified to hold the position of Student Government president because he has learned how this University community operates through the hundreds of hours he has dedicated to his position as senator and has also been perpetually accountable to his constituents during all three terms. He intends to continue to operate with the same personalized involvement in his capacity as president and guarantees that he will effectively advocate for those who comprise this great campus community.
Jason Weinpel, an operations management and entrepreneurship double major, would make an excellent vice president of Student Government because he is organized, dependable and task-oriented, skills that have been demonstrated through his prior experience as a Student Government senator. His experience on Student Government spans his entire college career, and he has contributed as a freshman senator, a sophomore senator and a junior senator ions Committee. In his junior year, Weinpel was appointed chairman of the Appropriations Committee in which he has been responsible for organizing the efforts of his three committee members and the Student Government treasurer to allocate the $500,000 student activity fund among the clubs and organizations on campus. Weinpel has also worked with students to navigate the process of chartering new clubs. Overall, Weinpel would excel in the position of vice president of Student Government because of his long-standing involvement with student government, applicable skills and passion for improving campus life for the student body.
Aris and Jason intend to exemplify the Jesuit ideal of the Magis by constantly striving to identify and pursue the needs of the campus community. For more information, visit
Strickland and Prendergast
Hayden Strickland and Kevin Prendergast are running for president and vice president of The University’s Student Government. Strickland is a Scranton local who studies health administration and business. He is involved with the Leahy Clinic, University Ministries and the Off-Campus Advisory Board. Strickland has been serving on Student Government since his freshman year and now serves as an off-campus senator and as the chair of the Safety, Justice & Service Committee.

 Prendergast is from Mount Olive, N.J. and studies economics and finance. He is a member of the men’s tennis team, helps manage the student investment fund and writes for The Aquinas. Prendergast joined Student Government last year and serves as the executive treasurer on the president’s Cabinet.  If elected, Strickland and Prendergast will work to promote the needs and wants of The University’s students. Issues such as increasing school spirit, streamlining the budgeting process and increasing student government transparency are all on the forefront of the Strickland-Prendergast executive ticket. The Student Government’s function is to serve the student body. Strickland and Prendergast would be honored to be the student body’s next president and vice president and help to serve them.

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