Student Government: Senator Candidates







David Bigley is a member of the class of 2017. He is from Stratford, Conn., which is a very small town compared to Scranton. He went to Fairfield Prep for high school and that was when he realized he wanted to go into a helping profession. He is now a neuroscience major with a concentration in pre-medicine. Bigley hopes to be re-elected by his peers for the upcoming school year as a representative for his class. While living on campus, Bigley listened to many concerns of his peers and has the ability to change those concerns into actions. He has written bills on topics that range from Urban Beats to allocations of funding. Just like he wants to help people in his future career as a doctor, Bigley wants to do what he can now and represent the Class of 2017 student body during the 2014-2015 school year. ​







Jennifer Coco is from Westchester, N.Y. She is currently a University Student Senator for the class of 2015 and holds the position of the Ignations Committee Chair. Coco planned and emceed the annual Midnight Madness Pep Rally last year. She will be rerunning for Class Senator in the hopes of returning to The University’s Student Government 2014-2015 term. Coco is currently majoring in business management and is a member of the Business Leadership Honors Society. Her goal is to raise the spirit and awareness among the Scranton student body.








Jimmy Jencarelli is a hardworking, dedicated and motivated individual who is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. He is one of the current Resident Senators serving on Student Government, as he was appointed in fall 2012. He is currently working on increasing the availability of facilities in the Loyola Science Center for students to use as study rooms. Jencarelli is a trustworthy individual who treats all people with respect, and students can rely on him to lead with integrity. He is the type of person students need to represent the best interests of their community and The University. His experience, leadership and commitment make him an excellent choice for Off Campus Senator. Jencarelli would be honored to serve The University as off campus senator.







Isabella Dolente is running for Sophomore Senator. She is a health administration major from Haddon Heights, N.J., just 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Dolente is currently a first year senator within Student Government and was elected by her peers in September. She is also involved in Royal Harmony A Cappella group, is an Orientation Assistant for this upcoming summer and volunteers in The University’s Center for Service and Social Justice. This past semester and a half has been an amazing experience for her. She has experienced many new things being involved in Student Government including meeting new people, representing her constituents from the class of 2017 and executing different tasks as a member of the Senate. Dolente hopes her previous experience, ability to listen to her class, hard work and determination will convince students to vote for her to represent them for the 2014-2015 school year.






Colin Brucia is a political science and philosophy double major from Long Island, N.Y. He has been proud to represent the Class of 2015 this past year and looks forward to hopefully doing so again next year.







Bill Halfpenny is a junior history and political science double major with a minor in philosophy and a pre-law concentration. He is from Taylor. He has served as one of the two commuter senators for the past two years, and currently serves as the chair of the Academic and Scholastic Affairs Committee. Outside of Student Government, Halfpenny is involved in the Commuter Student Association in which, in the past, has served as the association’s programming chair. He has enjoyed his last two years in Student Government and is eager to continue representing commuters in the future.







Faith Yusko is an international studies major from West Islip, N.Y. Here at The University, she has served on Student Government as one of the class senators for the past two years. While in Student Government, Yusko has worked as a member of both the Ignatian Awareness and the Student Life & Dining Services committees. Yusko is a Resident Assistant in the Fire Leadership LLC and director of communications for the College Republicans Club. She is also a graduate of the SEL Program. Yusko would like to represent the on-campus community for the upcoming year because working for ResLife has given her the opportunity to meet and work with people not only in her class but from all class years, and she feels she can work hard to get their needs met within the Student Senate. Yusko aims to improve campus though more eco-friendly initiatives and she would like to offer students more opportunities to feel connected to their representatives. Yusko would be proud to represent the residents of this great institution. And when it comes to Student Government, just remember: you gotta have Faith.







Erik Schab is a junior biology major with a pre-med concentration from Taylor. He was a commuter senator last year where he assisted in the planning of Commuter Topic Dinners, and he is currently working to bring the Enterprise Car Sharing program to campus. While serving as commuter senator, Schab also held the deputy position on the Safety, Justice, and Service Committee. Schab has assisted in the creation of the Commuter Student Association (CSA) and was president of this organization for two years, planning events and activities to provide commuters with leadership opportunities. He has worked closely with The Office of Off Campus and Commuter Student Affairs (OCCSA) to allow CSA to become an official club at The University. Schab is also a member of the Health Professions Organization (HPO) and Biology Club, treasurer of the Photography Club, an Orientation Assistant (OA) and a volunteer and advisory board member at the Leahy Clinic. As an open-minded individual, he is always available to hear suggestions and concerns, and he is looking forward to working more with the commuter population on campus.






Sean Bassler is a rising sophomore from the small upstate town of Horseheads, N.Y. He is a counseling and human services and Philosophy double-major, a Theology minor and a member of the SJLA program. He served the Class of 2017 as a first-year senator during the 2013-2014 academic year, and he has enjoyed his time on Senate thus far so much that he is hoping to return as a Student Senator to serve all residential students during the 2014-2015 year. Bassler continues to believe that the Student Senate should do as much as it can to help people by making everyone’s University experience as wonderful as it can be. He thinks that his voice in the Student Senate will continue to give students, particularly residential students, the influence they need to make this common goal a reality. Bassler believes that his past Senate experience is a key component of his ability to serve as a residential senator. The Senate’s two residential senators specifically represent the largest segment of The University’s population, so Bassler feels that his experience representing the Class of 2017 will help enable him to adequately represent the residential students of the Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. In addition, Bassler’s unique academic background in counseling, human services, theology and philosophy means that he can continue to offer a unique, vital perspective to his fellow Student Senators if re-elected. Finally, Bassler identifies his leadership ability, passion for serving others on Student Government and work ethic as a Senator and in everything he does as the three strongest character traits he can continue to offer The University as a senator. Bassler looks forward to having the opportunity to continue serving you as a Student Senator.






Christopher Kilner, a current Senator on the appropriations committee, has been committed to serving the needs of his constituents. He is looking forward to continuing to represent the members of the Class of 2016 specifically and the members of The University as a whole.







Kaitlyn Davis is a first-year biology major from the Scranton area running for sophomore senator. She should be elected because she has the qualities of a strong leader: she is hardworking, confident, honest and motivated. She has plenty of experience as she has held many leadership positions in the past. Davis was captain of both the softball team and the math team, head of the Spanish Club, a representative on student council and the chair of her community’s Relay for Life in high school. Through all of these positions, she learned how to work with other people effectively. Davis continues to be involved with many clubs and organizations here at The University and knows a lot about the school. Vote for Kaitlyn Davis for a great sophomore year.






Christopher Kwock is an active member of the Scranton community. He has held leadership positions such as Resident Assistant and vice president of production and vendor relations of the Entrepreneurship Mentoring Group, and he has served freshman and sophomore years as a Student Government class senator. He is already familiar with the way in which Student Government operates, thus making him an excellent choice for the junior senate. Once elected, Kwock will continue to work toward facilitating change on campus like working to help clubs receive adequate funding for events. Kwock is a biology major focusing on pre-medicine and is determined to achieve a work ethic of consistency and efficiency that will best serve his constituency: the students of this great campus.







Gretchen Selinski is running for sophomore senator. Her leadership roles on campus include being a part of the leadership dorm FIRE, attending the leadership retreat Impact and partaking in the leadership conference Ignite. Selinski is running for the position of sophomore senator because she enjoys the opportunity to benefit others. She pushes herself to be a woman working with others and not just for others. Selinski puts herself out there in order to enhance her leadership skills and grow as an individual while aiding her fellow classmates.







Chloe Strickland is from the class of 2017 and is running for re-election for sophomore senator. She was born and raised in Scranton and is currently undecided for her major. If elected, she will continue to be the voice of the Class of 2017, and she wants to do the best for her University family. Vote for Strickland and students will be sure to never have any disappointments. You know Chlo, so don’t let her go.







Steven Graefe, most commonly known as Brad, is running for the junior senator position. He is from Street, Md., which is a rural community about 45 minutes east of Towson, Md. He is a biology major and is interested in going to medical school after getting his bachelors degree. Graefe enjoys running and recently ran the Steamtown marathon in October, and he plans to run the half marathon here in Scranton April 6. He is also going to be a Resistant Assistant next year. Graefe is confident that he has the ability to make a real difference in this community and feels that, with the rest of the junior senators, he can make the changes that need to be made at The University.







Bridget Keehan is from Danville, a small town in central Pennsylvania. She is a biology and philosophy double major with a minor in Spanish. Eventually she hopes to become a pediatrician specializing in neonatology. Keehan plays the clarinet in the band, is a member of the chemistry club, HPO and SJLA and has a newfound love for intramural basketball. She plans to soon pursue a volunteering opportunity translating at the Leahy Clinic. Keehan believes that every student should have a voice in shaping his or her college career because it is such a valuable but limited experience. If elected to be a sophomore student senator, she will work to bring the class of 2017 together through unique class opportunities and events. Keehan wants represent her peers’ opinions and help them get the most of their time here at Scranton.






Maggie Bannon is a junior marketing major with a minor in communication from Clarks Summit. She is seeking the seat of off campus senator for the 2014-15 school year. She has great experience with Student Government both presently and in the past. Bannon previously served as resident senator for half of a semester and is currently an off campus senator and chairs the Student Life and Dining Services committee. Bannon believes that she has been able to serve her constituents well by becoming an active member of the Off Campus Advisory Board. She is also involved in some other areas around campus. Bannon works as a tour guide for the Office of Admissions and will be spending a week this summer in Haiti through The University’s ISP program.











Ciarán Lynch is a member of the class of 2017. He is majoring in bio-chemistry (pre-med). Lynch is a member of The University men’s rugby team and is the secretary and treasurer of the International Club. He hopes to represent his class and the Scranton community by bringing his perspective and ideas to Student Government.

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