Communication Dept. to offer new majors


Changes to the communication program at The University will provide communication majors with exciting options next year.

The communication department will offer two new majors, strategic communication and journalism & electronic media, starting in the fall 2014 semester.

Matthew Reavy, Ph.D., chair of the communication department, said the new programs are “the next step of the evolution of the department.”

“We have been moving in this direction for a decade or more,” Reavy said. “This is something our students were interested in.”

Current communication majors in the broadcasting and journalism tracks can switch to the journalism & electronic media major starting next fall. Advertising and public relations tracks can switch to strategic communication in a similar manner.

Changing from the existing tracks to the new majors will only require one additional course to be taken. Reavy said the switching to new majors for current students was designed to be an easy and flexible transition.

“The idea is to make a very small change that opens the door to greater changes down the road,” Reavy said. “Our desire is to make a change that has no negative effects on students or faculty. This way we can adjust to meet the needs of students or what the students identify as their needs.”

Reavy said the department looked at more than 20 different schools communication departments, including Gonzaga University, Misercordia University and Temple University, to get ideas for how to structure the new majors. Reavy said some potential future changes may include requiring students to take classes from other majors, such as public relation majors taking marketing classes, but more changes are still being discussed.

“We hope to be able to customize the program as we move forward,” Reavy said. “We want to provide students with what we think will best prepare them for the real world and make them more marketable.”

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