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The officers of the business club are in the process of getting this year’s Business Recruiting EXPO organized. The Expo will take place on October 2. The club’s goal is to obtain more marketing and management companies for the EXPO. It has already received interest from the third-largest marketing communications company in the world, Havas Worldwide, to attend the EXPO this year. A Scranton alum, Patti Clifford, is the chief talent officer for Havas Worldwide and has been extremely helpful in getting her company involved.

Outside of getting ready for the EXPO, the Business Club will be volunteering for Relay for Life and StreetSweep this weekend. Members will also be taking a ttrip to Gertruke Hawk at the end of April to receive a tour of their headquarters in Dunmore as well as getting a presentation from Mr. Dave Hawk. This will be the first time the Business Club will be doing this field trip and expect it to be very beneficial for participating students.

The Business club will also have a special meeting Tuesday, April 15. Doug Boyle, Ph.D, accounting co-chair and Leticia Cardonick, adjunct professor, will be speaking to student about their real-world experiences and the advice they would give to Business Club members. The officers would like more members to realize that there are many professors with amazing experiences who can be extremely helpful in their futures if they reach out to them.

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