Thank you, thank-you notes


In light of Jimmy Fallon’s segment on “The Tonight Show,” I have decided to write my own, albeit more serious, thank-you note to thank-you notes. What used to be a mediocre task forced upon us by our parents after Christmas and birthday celebrations has recently made a comeback as an almost alienated personal gesture in our digitalized society.

The age-old practice has now become something of a trend. On “Tonight,” Fallon writes thank-you notes to silly things like cotton candy and shirtless Nick Jonas. Several fashion executives have meanwhile hailed the thank-you note as an essential emotional addition to business interactions and now buy gold-embossed notecards of various thicknesses so as to accommodate ink distributions from favorite designer fountain pens. My aunt writes such good thank-you notes that she frequently gets thank-you notes in response.

While thank-you notes have become objects of style, comedy and everything in-between, the lesson behind the trend is an important one. In today’s digitalized society, a handwritten thank you offers a refreshing and much needed dose of human interaction. So go buy yourself some thank-you notes (I will forgive you if they are not embossed with gold shapes and have not been chosen based on your designer pen’s ink distribution) and get writing. To anyone. Everyone.

So my thank-you note is this: thank you, thank-you notes, for reminding us to take a second from our busy lives to say a sincere thank you.

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