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The results are in, and next year’s president and vice president of Student Government are Aris Rotella and Jason Weinpel respectively.

Rotella, a junior political science and history major, along with running mate Weinpel, a junior operations management and entrepreneurship major, plan to make many changes next year, which they hope will improve Student Government and The University.

The pair mentioned their desire to have specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (or SMART) goals put into place for Student Government.They said their most important goal is to open the line of communication between Student Government and the students. They had planned on transforming their campaign Facebook page into one where students can give direct feedback and communicate with Rotella and Weinpel instantly; however, because of Student Governement regulations they were unable to do so and were forced to take the page down. The duo plans to re-establish this form of communication shortly and are looking to integrate it with RoyalSync.

Furthermore, Rotella and Weinpel hope to make communication with student government easy and accessible, especially for incoming first-year students next year. They plan on having a presence during prospective student day, preview day and the fall club activities fair. They hope the further integration of feedback through RoyalSync and their open-door policy will facilitate conversations between students and Student Government.

“This [university] is so small, you should know your senators and you should hold them accountable,” Rotella said.

Rotella’s and Weinpel’s goal of better communication is not limited to communication between students and Student Government, but also communication within Student Government. They want to establish organization portfolios to establish a more clear idea of what a particular club or organization needs so as to distribute funds appropriately. They want to hold senators responsible and encourage them to take the role seriously and

make a difference. Cabinet members must have office hours next year, most of which must be during business hours. Rotella and Weinpel would also like to improve communication between Faculty Senate and Student Senate.

“Sometimes it’s not just what you can bring to the table, it’s how you can take that and use it with somebody else’s talents,” Weinpel said.

Some other goals for next year include putting more water filtration systems on campus, especially in residence halls, making Zipcar available on campus and having more copies of The New York Times available on campus and informing students that they can also get the free digital edition.

Rotella and Weinpel also said they hope to continue a tradition they developed while campaigning of going door-to-door through.

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