President, V.P.’s final word


Well, what a year it has been! Student Government has accomplished a lot during the 2013-2014 academic year, and we would like to thank the senators and senior staff for all their hard work. The Student Senate accomplishments of the past year would not be possible without your dedication and commitment.

As our term concludes, we would like to give you a final update on our recent projects. First, the Senate has reviewed and passed nine club cut policies. These policies were created after a Senate initiative aimed to standardize and clarify the process by which student clubs that demonstrate a need to have limited membership. The Senate wanted to ensure that all students were given a fair and equitable opportunity to participate in these clubs. We would like to thank all the clubs and club sports for complying with this new requirement.

Our second major initiative of the spring was championed by our Academic Affairs Committee and especially Sen. Matthew Gentile. The resolution requested that the faculty and staff to create an online repository of faculty office hours that would be accessible to all students. This system has been discussed with IT and the Faculty Senate and we hope it will be in place by the fall semester. This will benefit students by allowing them to quickly and easily access faculty office hours.

The University and Enterprise Rent-a-Car are in final negotiations regarding a CarShare program on campus. If all goes well, there will be two cars on campus for the fall semester. These cars will be accessible to all students, staff and faculty who sign up for an account with Enterprise. So trying to find a ride to doctor’s appointments, the movies, or the grocery store will no longer a hassle!

Finally, we would like to congratulate the Committee of the Year: Campus Life and Dining Services. Chaired by

Sen. Maggie Bannon, the committee has worked tirelessly on many issues regarding student life, including surveys on laundry and dining services.

As we leave The University in exactly one month, we face the bittersweet reality of life after The University. We have enjoyed our journey together and look forward to maintaining our Scranton community beyond the walls of The University. We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the past year. We could not have done this without the help and guidance of many staff members here at The University especially, Dean King, Mike Baumhardt, Tricia Cummings, Shannon Murphy-Fennie, Vincent Carilli Ph.D., Anitra McShea ph.D. and of course Father Quinn. Thank you all so much. We wish everyone, especially next year’s Senate, all the best in their future endeavors.

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