Students return from University’s 73rd SEARCH retreat, reflect on experience


The SEARCH 73 retreat took place at Chapman Lake from Friday to Sunday. Retreatants tend to come back without revealing what happens. This is meant to benefit the experience of those who want to go on the retreat. Students left around 4:30 p.m. Friday and returned 6:45 p.m. Sunday. This is one of the few retreats that last more than one night.

Some students might have already experienced Kairos, which is often associated with SEARH. Another retreat linked to SEARCH is Fourth Day, which was run earlier this month.

SEARCH has been a mainstay on the list of ministry retreats for many years. Graduate student David Hovey was on SEARCH 63 as a sophomore in 2010. He notes that even though the general structure of the retreat is identical every time, the constantly new retreatants and leaders make each one unique.

“The retreat weekend is so focused on the stories of those who are there that weekend that the [experience] will be different for semester to semester, year to year,” Hovey said.

Sophomore Christine Molitoris enjoyed her weekend, talking about the amount of love everyone felt for one another. She said that going on the retreat allows you to get to know the unfamiliar students you walk by every day on campus.

“The love that I see on campus … was multiplied by one thousand in just a few short days,” Molitoris said.

Even though Molitoris and Hovey did not discuss the activities that they participated in, both mentioned that there were 40 retreatents and 10 group leaders.

With just four weeks left in the school year, this was the last SEARCH retreat for this year. The retreat marks a special, happy time at Scranton for Hovey and Molitoris.

“For me it gave me the chance to realize that there is this community here at Scranton and in my own personal life that gives me the chance to grow,” Hovey said.

“I know everyone gets mad at people who say ‘You should go!’ and then they don’t say anything about it,” Molitioris said. “Honestly, going in not knowing what was going to happen was awesome … It’s an awesome surprise.”
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