To the campus community,

Welcome back to The University!
As a staff, we are very excited to be back on campus and producing The Aquinas again. The start of the school year always brings changes, and we hope to make changes for the better.
Here at The University, change is all around. We can mark the passing of time with progress made on the new rehabilitation center or by our own movement from first-year housing to sophomore dorms to apartments and houses.
The University has succeeded because of personal relationships and has thrived on open and honest dialogue, and we are proud to be part of that legacy. We hope that all students, administrators, faculty and staff always feel welcome in The Aquinas office and offer ideas and feedback freely both in person and via social media.
The University has some new faces this semester, and some familiar faces are gone. Cuts made to the physical plant staff have decreased maintenance services in upperclass housing. Our experience with the staff, especially in residence halls, has been positive. We miss seeing so many friendly faces around our homes and worry that some of our friends may have lost their jobs. We will continue to investigate these changes.
Further changes have been made across The University administration. In addition to a new provost and a new dean of students, administration “restructuring” is underway and new positions are being created. Again, we will critically examine this process and its implications for the students.
While the value and purpose of these changes is not yet clear, we hope they contribute to the spirit of community and friendship at The University.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,

The Aquinas Editorial Staff

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