R&B album review

Jhené Aiko has worked her way to stardom for more than a decade now. She is recognized as an R&B vocalist as well as a female rapper. Her smooth vocals and to-the-point lyrics have drawn in a huge fan base. She is best known for her chart topping hit “The Worst.”
On “It’s Cool,” from the album, “Souled Out,” Aiko honest lyrics tells all. She loves to explain to the world her timidities of love and how she deals with them. Aiko’s lyrics often describe her angst of letting someone significant into her life.
Another possible hit from the album is “Brave.” The track consists of creative lyrics and alluring guitar melodies. It is just too easy to get lost in the chorus of this one.
“Pretty Bird” is just that: the vocals and the melodies are lovely. The message of the song is undoubtedly beautiful. Aimed at female insecurities, Aiko sings to tell women everywhere to fight for their happiness. Hip-hop mogul Common is featured in the song and adds to the intensity of the track. Aiko sings, “Pretty bird, please don’t die” at the end of the chorus; this simple lyric easily touches all who listen to it.
All in all, the album is soothing and makes for great background music at a dinner party. Although almost all of Aiko’s songs have meaningful lyrics, it is sometimes difficult to stay interested because most of her tracks have the same tone and tempo. Her vocals are interesting and certainly poetic. Check it out for yourself and see if you agree.

Arts & Life Correspondent