Autumn weather brings crisp air, natural beauty

The Aquinas / Kayla Shea SCENIC VIEW of the foliage directly next to Redington Hall.

The Aquinas / Kayla Shea
SCENIC VIEW of the foliage directly next to Redington Hall.

Kayla Shea

Arts & Life Co-Editor

Autumn officially begun Monday and Scranton residents know we should appreciate each second before the long winter ahead.

If you are wondering which activity to engage in first, you need not worry.

From reading under the trees to baking as many pumpkin-flavored foods as possible, Scranton is full of fall fun.
For outdoor activities, head on down to Nay Aug Park where you can walk through the woods and escape any academic stress you may have.

Lake Scranton offers amazing views of the leaves changing colors. The breath- taking trail around the lake is about 3.7 miles. Anyone ready to run should definitely try out the trail; the scenery is perfect to keep your mind occupied, making the run especially relaxing in the fall.

If you are looking to stay on campus, sit on one of the multiple benches available and read or drink coffee. Enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes while you can. The Northern Light Espresso Bar and Café in downtown Scranton is also a great place to read.

Any artist should take advantage of the incredible views and animals you might see. The fall season has unlimited potential.

The slowly approaching winter will be a long one, so grab hold of all these opportunities while you can.
The Weather Channel headlines read, “East Coast Winter Storm: Snow Expected for Northeast; Blizzard Conditions Possible, But Uncertainty Lingers.” Whether this makes you excited or terrified, preparation is needed to bundle up and stay warm.

As we begin fall and all its marvelous activities, enjoy the temperature and the natural beauty surrounding us.

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