Fish oil proven as anti-inflammatory

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons FISH OIL is now a popular supplement that can be purchased in almost every drug store.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
FISH OIL is now a popular supplement that can be purchased in almost every drug store.

By Matthew Corso
Science & Technology Editor

Fish oil has been one of the most popular new supplements to funnel into the ever-crowded supplement market. High in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has become a notably important supplement for many who may be prone to a higher risk of heart attack or cancer.

Many Americans are severely lacking omega-3s, as they have become increasingly rare in American diets.

By obtaining enough omega-3 fatty acid in your diet, you are sizably protecting your mental and physical health. A substantial amount of research has shown that with the proper intake of omega-3s, inflammation is often reduced. This is great news because when inflammation is reduced, the risks of various disorders that are influenced by inflammation are also reduced. This in turn means that the risk of heart attack, stroke, autoimmune diseases and some forms of cancer are lowered when the proper amount of omega-3s is consumed daily.

The question becomes how we should obtain these omega-3s that are so beneficial. The best way to obtain these fatty acids is through consuming fresh, wild-caught cold water fish two to three times per week. The fish that are the best sources of these fatty acids are black cod, herring, Alaskan salmon, mackerel and sardines.

This may be difficult for those who do not like fish. Fortunately there is a solution for them, which is why the fish oil supplement has grown so rapidly.

Dr. Andrew Weil recommends taking a fish oil supplement that provides 700 to 1,000 mg of eicosapentaenoic adic (EPA) and 200 to 500 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) daily. These supplements are even more important for pregnant women as the fatty acids are crucial to optimal nervous system and brain development in the fetus.

Fish oil has promising effects on our health and is something that everyone should seriously consider speaking with their health care provider about using.

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