Students march for sustainability

Mary Baurkot
News Correspondent

The Sustainability Club represented the University Sunday at the Climate Change March in New York City.

The Climate Change March was held on Sunday in places all around the world, like England and Australia. Students from The University’s Sustainability Club were just a few of the hundreds of millions whom participated in the march.
Sustainability Club director, Mark Murphy, led 18 Scranton students in the five-hour-long march. Charlene Murphy, Sister Mary Foley, Mike Cann, Ph.D., and John Sailors, Ph.D., accompanied the students on the trip as well.

The University students and faculty held a large banner that promoted the University’s Earth Day, which will be celebrated on April 22.

University student Jennifer Bowers was one of the attendees of the march.

“I just think there needs to be more awareness of the problem and a lot of people don’t think about it in their normal lives. I think a really large congregation of people will be the shock that people need to be like this is a problem that we need to be thinking about and talking about,” Bowers said.

Sister Mary Foley said she felt a personal connection to the march.

“I am marching for my grandniece and grandnephew. I want them to have clean water, clean air and I want all of their generation all over the world to have it,” she said.

The march drew a celebrity presence as well. Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting and Mark Ruffalo are three of several other celebrities who participated in the march.

DiCaprio was named the United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change just last week.

The march is said to have been the largest ever climate change demonstration in history.

All University students and faculty who attended were just a part of the masses that took the initiative to stand up for something they believe in.

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