Fantasy Football Advice: Week 5

Commentary by Ryan Disdier

Start: Eli Manning vs. Atlanta Falcons
Yes, you should start Manning. In the last two games, Manning has had 534 yards, six touchdowns and only one interception. Atlanta ranks 30th against the pass in the NFL.

Start: DeMarco Murray vs. Houston Texans
Murray has been having a Hall of Fame start to the season, as he has had four straight 100-yard games. Look for Murray’s success to continue against the Houston Texans, which is ranked 24th against the run.

Start: Antonio Brown vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Brown dropped what would have been his third touchdown last week. The Jaguars allowed both Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal to surpass 100 yards last week, and Brown is a better receiver than both of them.

Start: Cincinnati Bengals’ defense vs. New England Patriots
The Patriots’ offense is simply not what it used to be. It looks broken and ineffective. New England only amassed 14 points against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cincinnati should have a successful outing against New England.

Sit: Colin Kaepernick vs. Kansas City Chiefs’ Defense
The Chiefs made Tom Brady look like an amateur Monday night, and Kaepernick will likely struggle to find success as well. Only start him if there are no other options.

Sit: Alfred Morris vs. Seattle Seahawks
Although Morris is having a good year with 316 yards. The Seahawks rank fifth against the run. Morris will likely see a good number of opportunities, but do not be surprised if he fails to capitalize.

Sit: Any Buffalo Bills wide receiver vs. Detroit Lions
The Lions are the second-best pass defense in the league, and the Bills just announced that Kyle Orton will be starting at quarterback. I do not trust Orton whatsoever, and he will hinder his receivers’ production.

Sit: Houston Texans’ defense vs. Dallas Cowboys
Somehow the Cowboys seem to have rhythm on offense. Houston has been spotty thus far, and it is risky to start Houston against a Dallas offense that has a ton of momentum.

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