Letter to the editor: “Black-ish”

Dear Editor,

In last week’s newspaper there was an article about the new television show “Black-ish.” In this article, the author, I believe, erroneously uses the word “portrayed” to describe Tracee Ellis Ross’s role as a biracial woman in the show.

The implication of this word is that an actor or in this instance actress plays a character who is vastly different from themselves.

Ross does not “portray” the role of a half-black, half-white woman, but rather she plays a character who embodies her own ancestral heritage.

Ross is the daughter of the renowned singer Diana Ross and Diana’s then husband and manager Robert Ellis Silberstein. According to an interview given by Ross to ABC, her role “allows her to be who she really is: a biracial woman.”

Shannel Julius
Class of 2015

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