Students push for second annual alumni day event

Andrea Ricketti

Staff Writer

The Kania School of Management will be conducting a young alumni networking event Oct. 25. After the success of a similar event in April, students have pointed to the need for additional coaching of interviewing for jobs and internships. Alumni on the President’s Business Council (PBC) are stepping up to give students an executive-level perspective on what employers are looking for when they hire. Young Alumni Day will supplement the advice provided by the PBC speakers by helping students translate it into action, which will be delivered by individuals who were in their shoes not too long ago.

That being said, students are offered the unique experience of interacting with recent graduates in their desired career paths. The list of alumni occupations last April varied from analysts, accountants, auditors, marketers and so on. This year will offer a more diverse list of occupations. The day will be structured to offer the students insight on several different topics such as interviews, jobs, careers and resumes.

The day will start off with a luncheon where students will be able to interact with the alumni before the program starts. Students can become acquainted and comfortable with talking to the alumni. Once the luncheon is over, there will be an internship and job panel. At this time, the alumni will serve as panelists and walk the students through their job and internship experiences. Students will be able to ask questions and gain valuable insight.

After the panel, there will be a resume presentation. Since the day is targeted to all different grades and ages, the presentation will target two different segments: students who need help starting a resume and students who need help editing their resumes. This will provide a tangible reward since students will walk away with individual edits of their resumes.
Once the resume workshop is over, students will break up into classrooms according to their specific major or interest. Alumni will be assigned to the rooms accordingly. This will serve as an industry panel where the alumni will discuss their personal experiences and perceptions of the industry. Students will be able to ask specific questions regarding their majors, and it will translate into a job or internship. This is extremely beneficial to students looking to gain an internship or full-time employment.

As a final workshop, there will be a session dedicated to interviewing skills. This is valuable to students of all levels, whether they have never been on an interview or have already been on several. Students will have the option of signing up for an individual mock interview or to sit in on the workshop.

The day will wrap up with a networking reception and cocktail hour. As many students know, networking is pivotal to gaining skills such as communication. Students will be able to talk to the alumni on a personal level and ask any last minute questions they may have.

Overall, the day will be highly beneficial to students who are looking to broaden their networking skills. Students will walk away with knowledge and awareness of many different industries.

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