Amity Affliction takes stage

Metalcore band begins first major U.S. tour in San Diego

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A band’s first headlining tour represents a huge step forward in its career. This is very clear to Australian metalcore mainstay The Amity Affliction, which is finishing its first U.S. headlining tour. The band hit the road starting Sept. 19 in San Diego and finishes Oct. 25 in Mesa, Ariz. The supporting acts are Favorite Weapon, Exotype, Obey the Brave and For the Fallen Dreams. Philadelphia got its share of the action Oct. 12 at The Barbary in Fishtown.

The show started off with Favorite Weapon, a fresh band out of Atlanta. It has a similar sound to many other bands, yet it manages to be quite good. The outfit put on an energetic set, too, especially for an opener. Its debut album “Sixty Saragossa” was just released last week and is worth a listen; check out the lead single “Hollow.”
Obey the Brave fell second in the lineup. It delivered hard-hitting, in-your-face metalcore. The crowd got a mosh pit started that would last for a while, but the band’s set was somewhat bland. Their new album “Salvation” is out now.

For the Fallen Dreams followed, continuing the brutal music. The mosh pit never ceased during this set, and at one point it had quite a few people circling. This set was also forgettable, though. Its new album “Heavy Hearts” is out now.

Finally, The Amity Affliction took the stage for the most energetic and intimate set I have ever seen. The band opened with one of its newest singles, “Pittsburgh.” From the first three chords, the entire audience screamed along, “I’ve been searching for an exit, but I’m lost inside my head where I spend every waking moment wishing I was dead.” A nonstop set peppered with hits followed. Standout songs include “Death’s Hand,” “Greens Avenue” and “Youngbloods.”

The crowd was jumping and singing along, and crowd surfing was rampant. Many people would surf up to the stage only to jump back onto the audience again. At one point, Birch even stood on the crowd, supported only by his loyal fans.

The only drawback to the set was its short length. It only lasted about an hour, which was slightly disappointing given that the band’s four studio albums provide plenty of content to play.

Overall, the show was absolutely fantastic. Favorite Weapon gained a new fan, and The Amity Affliction further solidified my unfathomable fandom. I hope to see them the next time it is in the area, and I encourage you to as well. The Amity Affliction’s latest album, “Let the Ocean Take Me,” is available now.

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