10 reasons US greatest nation on earth

Commentary by
Brett Auriemma

I have recently noticed a certain sort of pessimism settling in among our generation. Not only do young adults today believe that members of our generation have lost their way and are morally indifferent, but many have also claimed that this has led to our beautiful nation no longer being the leader of the free world and the beacon of hope that it was for at least the last century.

Now, I must preface this argument by saying that I have an extremely patriotic bias and am quite optimistic about the future of our nation.

Seriously, if you cut me open I won’t only bleed red but also white and blue. However, don’t for a second think that I’m not a realist — there are definitely problems in this country. But these issues are solvable, and we can’t let them belittle everything else about this country that we should be proud of. Therefore, I present the 10 biggest reasons why America is still the greatest nation on Earth:

1. World’s largest and most advanced military. I, for one, sleep better at night knowing that our men and women in the armed forces have top-notch technology to protect us.

2. Largest GDP of any nation. This one isn’t even close, as the second-place nation, China, has an economy about half the size of ours.

3. More foreigners want to move here than to any other nation. According to a 2012 Gallup poll, 23 percent of people who want to leave their country permanently would prefer to live here.

4. Americans are the most productive workers in the world when measuring output per person, according to Fortune Magazine.

5. We are the leaders in space exploration, with the most missions to Mars, the only manned missions to the moon in human history and a space agency, NASA, that has pioneered cutting-edge technology for decades.

6. Eleven of the top 16 universities in the world are here, according to QS University Rankings. This might also contribute to more foreigners studying here than in any other country.

7. Contrary to common rhetoric about our hatred of the environment, the U.S. has over 100,000 hectares of protected land, more than any other nation according to the World Resources Institute.

8. But we’re totally selfish, right? Not according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which states that we actually contribute more development aid to foreign nations than the next three countries (France, the UK and Germany) combined.

9. Nine of the top 10 brands in the world, including IBM, Google and McDonald’s are American. Our global consumer influence is literally unparalleled.

10. When considering economics, my favorite ranking is that of competitiveness. While many have grumbled that we are becoming “socialist” in the past few years, America’s economy is actually the third most competitive in the world behind only Switzerland and Singapore, according to the World Economic Forum. That means that among global superpowers, America has the most competitive economy.

If these reasons do not convince you of America’s stance as the world’s top nation, that’s fine by me. That’s your choice, a choice that you are privileged to have because hey, we’re free!

However, I, at least, challenge each and every one of you to remain optimistic about our country’s future, because guess what? You all are the future of America.


Nov. 6, 2014

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