Black Friday expections low

Will Horn
Staff Writer

For most, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a day of hustling around from store to store and mall to mall searching for the best deals on just about anything.

It is also the start of the holiday shopping season. Companies rely on this day of sales to really kick start the final quarter of the season. The kickstart has been tempered in recent years because of the large number of customers who prefer to shop online.
This year Walmart is going to take a new approach to “Black Friday.” Their plan is to have a week long version of black Friday. This will run from the end of November into early December.

This will mean that certain items will be on sale different days. This will help to avoid dangerous crowds rushing into stores. It also will help to prevent scuffles from breaking out over particular items that the store could be running short on.

The reasons for this abrupt change is partially due to the fact that customers have stopped showing up for midnight shopping sprees. These shoppers have started dwindling in numbers over the last few years. Another reason that Walmart is changing its game plan is because it would like to accommodate the online shopping community.

This community has been overtaking the shopping scene because of the ease with which shoppers can find the lowest prices while never having to leave the comfort of their own home.

This year they will be offering free shipping on Thanksgiving morning as well as some online only specials.

Walmart also plans to start matching Amazon’s prices in an attempt to compete with it.
Currently, Walmart only does price matching for the local stores. This is one area that Walmart has lacked in over the last few years while some of its biggest competitors have thrived in the same area.

Overall this is going to be an important holiday season for Walmart because it have not had a growth in shopper traffic in the last two years. This is a crucial area that Walmart needs to see growth in if it is going to to continue thriving.

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