Erra’s ‘Moments of Clarity’ EP review

Metalcore band reassures its life and energy to fans

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Alabama progressive metalcore outfit “Erra” is all about growth. Its sophomore album “Augment,” released in 2013, proved this through both its title and contents. Following this album, though, the band went through a bit of tumult. Singer Gerry Lee Garrison left the band to pursue a new job opportunity. Ian Eubanks, a longtime friend of the band, soon succeeded him. In an effort to prove its continuing validity in the metalcore sphere, Erra decided to fast track an EP entitled “Moments of Clarity,” released Monday.

“Moments of Clarity” opens with “Dreamcatcher,” a powerful song preceded by a beautiful, echoing introduction. Once the band thunders in, there is no holding back for the rest of the EP. “Warrior,” the second song on the EP, is absolutely the standout song here. Erra expands its horizons with this track, using chopped, heavily distorted guitars with multiple effects to create a beautifully heavy sound. As the EP continues through to the closing title track, longtime fans will find much of the same Erra they loved in the “Augment” era.

Erra has always found its groove writing in grandiose imagery, using concepts from godlike figures to astral bodies to impart ideas of human life and existence. The music matches this notion, utilizing sweeping guitar runs and soaring clean vocals in the choruses contrasting with heavy instrumentation and guttural vocals throughout the verses. It takes a few listens, but it is well worth it to invest the time to uncover the deeper writing process that matches the lyrics to instrumentation so well.

“Moments of Clarity” stands as a proving ground moreso than anything else. It allows fans the relief to know that Erra is still alive and kicking, and it will hopefully bring in a few new fans as well. I give this EP an 8/10 for its great sound and songwriting, losing points only for its adherence to the old formula for most of its tracks. I recommend “Moments of Clarity” to any fan of Erra or bands like The Amity Affliction, Born of Osiris, As I Lay Dying or August Burns Red.

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